How To Save A Message On WhatsApp Without Taking A Screenshot

How To Save A Message On WhatsApp Without Taking A Screenshot.

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Now on days, I can boldly confirm that in terms of consumer app usage, WhatsApp has become one of the most used Instant Messaging App today with over 65 billion messages that users send each and every day and this number increases as more smartphones are produced and getting more orders.

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Sometimes, there might be a reason why one would love to save a message; maybe it might be for future references or important information he or she would love to secure and such information can be something either shared in private or group.

We only see to it that taking screenshot of a particular chat is the only best option but there’s an alternate solution to that.

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Most users on WhatsApp does not know certainly that WhatsApp has a feature that lets you bookmark any message that is both private or group chats. With this kind of bookmarked information, can be accessed later and it’s so easy in such that a 5 year old kid can do.

The Starred Messages: This is the feature on WhatsApp we talking about today on ICT Catalogue.
This is the feature that is allowed by WhatsApp on both Android phones and other mobile operating system.

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How To Save A Message On WhatsApp Without Taking A Screenshot

How To Save A Message On WhatsApp Without Taking A Screenshot

  • First: Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Secondly: Navigate to the Chat to select the message you want to save
  • Next: After selecting the message, tap the “Star” icon that appears on top of the screen.
  • Finally: Boooom! Now you’re done saving your message for future reference.

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