How To Rotate An Image In Google Docs

By | December 21, 2022

The layout of the images on the document may need to be changed while preparing a digital document. By rotating an image, you can make the text simpler to read and the document looks more polished.

Knowing how to alter the orientation of documents you produce for work, such as evaluations, instructions, or memoranda, may be useful to you.
You can simply rotate a picture while in Google Docs if you’ve realized it’s in the wrong position.
In this post, we examine some ways for rotating a picture in Google Docs.

Google Docs image rotation reasons

Although it frequently relies on the sort of document you’re operating on, fixing formatting issues is a typical reason to rotate an image in Google Docs. You may rotate an image to get it orientated correctly, for instance, if you inserted it to your document upturned. You might even rotate the images to be certain they perfectly fit the dimensions of your page. Business documents can be edited to improve their aesthetic appeal.

How To Rotate An Image In Google Docs

There are several ways to rotate images in Google docs and below are some of them.

Using the handle to rotate the image In Google Docs

1. Start by inserting a picture into Google Docs by selecting Image. You can either select one of the other options or upload an image from your device.
2. Following the addition of the image, tap on it.

3. Maintain your mouse pointer on the Rotate Handle
4. A + sign will appear in place of the cursor. Drag your mouse while pressing and holding the Rotate Handle.

5. You can observe the rotation of your photograph. Turn your photos into Docs by using this handle.

Rotate the picture with the image options

1. Tap on your image after you’ve inserted it. Go to Image > Image Options in the Format menu.

2. From the menu, you can also access Image Options.

After inserting your image, click on it and select Image Options from the Format menu.

3. A few options would show up at the bottom of your image when you tap on it. Select All picture Options by clicking the icon with the three dotted lines.

4. As an option, you can select Image Options by performing a right-click on the picture.

5. The image choices will appear on the document’s right side.

6. Change the angle by manually entering a value or by clicking the rotation symbol.

Draw a picture based on the image To Change The Rotation

To rotate an image, you can add it as a Drawing to your project.

1. To begin, select Drawing from the Insert menu by clicking on it. Select New from the menu.

2. On your screen, a pop-up window titled Drawing will open. By selecting the Image icon, you can add your image to the drawing panel.

3. You can spin the image using the Rotation Handle. Go to Actions> Rotate if not.

4. As from list of options, select the rotation type you need.

5. You may also select Rotate by right-clicking your image.

6. After you’ve successfully rotated the image using the previous method, select Save and close in the Drawing window’s upper right corner.

some pointers for rotating pictures in Google Docs

The following are some pointers for rotating photos in Google Docs:

Make use of the drawing tool: By picking your image and pressing “Insert,” “Drawing,” and then “Insert,” you can add a produced image. After that, you can rotate the image 90 degrees by selecting “Actions” from the drop-down menu.
shrink the picture: You might want to adjust a picture after rotating it to make sure your document can accommodate it. You can accomplish this by picking the image and adjusting its size by dragging any of the blue squares around it.
Toggle the picture: You can also use the “Drawing” tool to flip or mirror an image. Choose “Rotate” from the “Actions” menu to rotate the image either horizontally or vertically.

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