How To Do Cornell Notes On Google Docs

There are numerous ways to take notes. No particular approach works for all students. The Cornell note-taking approach, on the other hand, has been discovered by many intelligent students and executives to be particularly useful for lectures or reading that is structured around strongly outlined topics, subtopics, and supporting facts.

In this guide, we will be looking at how you can do Cornell notes on google docs.

How do Cornell Notes work?

The Cornell System is a method for taking notes and for studying. They’re simple to make, improve your understanding of the content as you take them, and are a breeze to utilize for review.
The Cornell method of taking, organizing, and summarizing notes is very common. Generally speaking, using this approach improves comprehension in general.

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Why would someone use the Cornell note-taking system?

keeps you from forgetting:

Our memories quickly disappear. Regardless of whether the information is compelling and intriguing, most students forget it extremely quickly after listening to a lecture or reading through it. For instance, studies show that after lectures, we forget 50% of what we heard within an hour and over 70% within two days.

 Promotes focus

To take excellent notes, a student must be engaged in thought during a lecture or while reading. One needs to pay attention, engage with the information, choose what to write down, and record. There is less chance for the mind to stray when it is focused on a difficult activity.

Documents stuff that can be tested

Teachers typically expect their pupils to retain and use information delivered in lectures or readings. Important ideas or themes that professors emphasize in their lectures as well as written material that supports such concepts or themes are the basis for tests. Or, the material that can be tested.

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On Google Docs, how can you make Cornell notes?

The steps below will show you how to generate Cornell notes in Google Docs.

  • Open Google in a browser and log in to your account
  •  Create a new document and give it a name.
  • Head to insert -> select table -> click on it.
  • Choose Column Size as 2 and Row Size as 3. You can see the column and row sizes underneath the table.
  • Your table has now been created. Your table can now be dragged to change its size. First, choose the table and reduce the size of the left-hand column.
  • Right-click on the top row you choose. Cells that combine may be found. Simply click it.
  • Type your name, the topic, and the date in the top box as you see fit.
  • To improve readability, you can also alter the font’s size and color.
  • The remaining two columns are now on the right side, with two columns on the left. Make your note-related query in the left-hand column. Make your notes in a brief form, such as abbreviations, on the larger column.
  • Right-click on the bottom row and choose “Merge Cells.” Your row has now been merged. Put a brief summary of your main ideas there.
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