How To Select All Periods In Google Docs

By | December 21, 2022

It’s possible that you’ll occasionally wish to select every period in your Google document and make the necessary changes to it. If you want to adjust the period sizes over the entire document, picking each period individually could get tedious.
The user may find it challenging if there is difficulty in selecting all of the periods at the end of every document in specific circumstances. You’re in the right place if you’re wondering how you can select all periods in Google Docs and make necessary changes to them.

For such cases, we will examine the most effective solutions to this problem in the post we are providing today.

How to select every period in Gooogle Docs

To choose every period in the document, use the “Find” tool. Just enter a period in the search field after pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard.

How to highlight all periods in Google Docs

Identical to selecting all of the periods in Google Docs, you can choose to highlight every period in your document. To start the Find tool, hit Ctrl + F, and then type a period “.” in the field. Finally, all of the document’s periods should be chosen.

How to modify the font used for periods throughout Google Docs

To achieve this, use the “Advanced Find and Replace” add-on.

After the add-on has been installed, go to the top of the window’s Add-ons menu, choose Advanced Find and Replace, and afterwards choose the Find and Replace option. After entering a period in both the “Find” and “Replace” fields, you can select the preferred font and click Replace All after entering a period in each field.

Period Size Modification in Google Docs

  • Launch a document.
  • Tap Add-ons.
  • Select on Get add-ons.
  • Search for “advanced find and replace” in the box provided.
  • Select the  Find and Replace add-on from Digital Thoughts’.
  • Tap Add-ons.
  • Click on Advanced Find and Replace
  • Select “Find and replace.”
  • In the Find field, enter a period.
  • The Replace field should contain a period.
  • Select a size by clicking the Size dropdown.
  • Replace Selected/All by clicking.


How Can I Use the Advanced Find and Replace Search Box to Change the Font Style?

This add-on not only allows you to choose all the periods in a document and modify their size, but it also allows you to change the fonts for all the selected typefaces.

After entering your data in the Find and Replace boxes and selecting your preferred option, all you have to do is press the Font button.

How to Make All Periods Larger in Google Docs

The procedures in this post can be carried out in the desktop version of the Google Chrome Web browser as well as Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

You should be aware that this procedure requires the installation of a third-party add-on.
1.Open your document in Google doc
2. At the beginning of the window, click the Add-ons tab.
3. From the drop-down menu, select Get add-ons.
4. In the search box, enter “advanced find and replace.”
5: Select the Digital Thoughts developer’s “Advanced Find and Replace” search term.
6: Follow the instructions to verify installation and grant the add-on access to read your documents by following the instructions.
7: At the top of the window, click Add-ons.
8: From the menu of downloaded add-ons, choose Advanced Find and Replace.
9: Select the Find and replace option
10: In the Find area in the right column, enter a period.
11: In the Replace field, enter another period.
12: Choose the preferred font size from the list by clicking the Size drop-down menu.
13: Choose “Replace Selected/All” by clicking the button in blue.

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