How to Reset PS5 DualSense Controller

By | March 17, 2023

There are many reasons why you might want to rest your controller. Here is how you can reset PS5 DualSense controller.

We have been using controllers for a long time and usually, the issues we had to face were all hardware issues. That is also because those controllers didn’t have any firmware.

These days, controllers like the DualSense Edge and DualSense controllers which are for PlayStation 5 come with their own firmware. This also means if you are having issues with your controller, it could be simply a software issue.

The most common issues controllers face these days can be resolved simply by resetting them. In this article, let us look at how to reset the PS5 controller.

Reset PS5 DualSense Controller

No matter the issue you facing with the controller, you should know that most of the issues can be resolved by resetting your controller. There are two different ways you can reset your controller.

Just like the way we reset smartphones, the DualSense controller also has a soft reset and a hard reset feature. In most cases, a soft reset will resolve most issues.

How to soft reset the DualSense controller

Basically, soft resetting has to do you restarting the controller without deleting your configurations. The best way to do that is to follow the procedure below.

  1. Press the PS button on your controller.
  2. Navigate to the Controller icon.
  3. Select DualSense Wireless controller.
  4. Select “Turn off” to turn the controller off
  5. Wait for a minute and turn it back on and reconnect.

After successfully going through the soft reset process, your controller should be working fine. If it is not working fine, especially if it is randomly disconnecting, then reconnect the controller using the original USB cable.

You should also make sure your controller is fully charged. If you exhaust all of these options then probably you have no choice but to go for a hard reset. Follow the procedure below to perform a hard reset.

How to hard reset the DualSense controller

Performing a hard reset will reset PS5 DualSense controller to factory default. This means all updates and configurations will also reset to factory default.

Performing a hard reset should be your last resort. If you are performing a hard reset, it means you have tried everything else but nothing seems to work.

To perform a hard reset, follow the procedure below.

  1. Turn off your controller and your console. Also, make sure your controller is fully charged before you perform the next step.
  2. Get a pin (Paper clip, safety pin, pen tip, or similar item will do)
  3. Flip the controller and look to the right side of the SONY logo. There is a hole there.
  4. Push the tip of the pin into the hole until you feel or hear a click.
  5. Hold the pin down until the controller light flashes.
  6. Leave it and wait for the controller to boot up.
  7. Turn your console on and pair the controller again.

Hopefully, the controller should be working properly now. If the controller is still not working properly, visit the PlayStation support center.


There are a few questions people frequently ask about this topic. I have answered a couple of them here. If you can’t find your question here, you can leave it in the comment box and I will answer them as early as possible.

How do I resync my PS5 controller?

The easiest way to resync your controller is to connect it using the original USB cable. Connect the controller to your PS5 using the original USB cable and press the PS button. Disconnect the USB cable and your controller should sync with your PS5 successfully.

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