How To Update PS3 Manually

By | February 10, 2023

PlayStation 3 is one of Sony’s PS console series. If you are having issues playing games or performing other functions, you might probably need to update PS3 and I will help you how to do that manually.

Usually, I do not want to compare the PlayStation series to the Xbox series because I see them as completely different consoles. Their functions, capabilities, and even the types of games available to them are completely different. If you compare carefully by using both consoles, you will understand what I’m talking about.

I always love PlayStation because almost every problem you face can be fixed by simply updating the software. Every PlayStation console seems to work like that and I love it.

Updating a PS3 is quite easier compared to most other consoles. You even have three different ways you can update PS3.

How to update PS3

There are three different ways you can update your PlayStation 3 console. The ways you can update are as follows.

  • Update via internet
  • Using a computer and USB stick to update
  • Update using a disc

No matter which update method you want to use, you must prepare your console properly before the process. Makes sure you have the following in place.

  • Fully setup PlayStation 3
  • Computer setup if you will use a computer
  • Internet connection for both computer and PS3
  • CD with PS3 update file

Update via internet

This is the best option when trying to install updates on your PS3. A fast internet connection is very crucial for this particular method.

  • To update using the internet, turn on your PS3.
  • Navigate to Settings using your controller
  • Select System software update
  • Select Update via internet
  • Wait for the system update to finish downloading and follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation process.
  • When done, restart your console

Update using computer

If you do not have your PS3 connected to the internet, then the available method you should use to update using your computer and pen drive.

You need a USB drive that has at least 1 GB of space. You will format this drive so if you have anything on it, make sure you do a backup.

  • Connet the USB drive to the computer
  • Format the USB drive and create a new folder on the drive and name it “PS3” without the quotes. Open the folder you created and create another folder in it and name it “UPDATE” without the quotes.
  • Copy the update you downloaded to the UPDATE folder you created. Make sure you rename the file to “PS3UPDAT.PUP”.
  • Connect the USB drive to the PS3
  • Use your controller to navigate to Settings and select “System Software Update”.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation. After the installation completes, restart your console and it should boot with everything up to date.

Note that if you do not name your files and folders according to the instructions, this update will not work.

Update PS3 using disc

For this particular procedure, you will need a game disc that contains the latest update file. The procedure is very simple but getting the disc is one of the most difficult tasks.

Immediately you insert the disk into the PS3, you will get onscreen instructions that you can follow to update your console. After the installation has been completed, restart your console to effect all the changes.

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