iPhone 15 Wishlist: Top 6 Features We Want to See

By | March 17, 2023

Are you excited about the future of iPhones? So do I! See what’s on my iPhone 15 Wishlist for the ultimate upgrade wishlist. These are all the significant upgrades I wish to see.

iPhone 15 series is expected to arrive this year around September 2023. I would like to see certain features on the new iPhone 15 and I know you would also like to see more.

If you could remember, Apple engineers received some kind of criticism after the release of the iPhone 14. People believed that there is little to no upgrade at all and if you look at the features carefully, you will realize the people were quite right.

I believe, Apple engineers would want to avoid backlashing for a second time and rather “WOW!” the crowd. This means Apple will do its best to add some awesome upgrades to the iPhone 15.

We bring to you the list of some of the top features we wish to see on the new iPhone 15.

The Ultimate iPhone 15 Wishlist: Top 6 Features We Want to See

I know there are some features you would also wish to see on the iPhone 15. Below, we have a list of some simple features we would like to see on the new iPhone to be released.

1. USB Typc port

One major thing that we look forward to seeing on the new iPhone is the charging port. It is easy to guess that Apple will scrape the lightning port on its future devices.

If you have been following, you would realize that we published an article earlier that indicates that an EU law is asking for a general charger. Where every device entering the EU is required to only USB type C.

We also went ahead to explain some of the benefits you will get should the iPhone have a USB type C.

Since this law has already been passed, it is likely Apple will comply by replacing the lightning port with USB type C.

2. Return of Touch ID

Apple removed the touch ID from its previous phones. However, the new iPad Air came with a touch ID underneath the power button. I personally believe this is a new feature Apple is testing on the iPad and it will eventually move to the iPhone if it is good.

Basically, most iPhone users would have complained bitterly about the absence of the touch ID should they have had the chance.

If you also take a look at the phone markets, you will realize the Touch ID under the screen and under the power button are the new trends. I believe Apple will also adopt this trend and put the Touch ID under the screen or the power button.

3. New design

One of the things most iPhone users complained about was the design of the new iPhone 14. Of course, it has something different from the predecessors but you would have to look really closely to find the difference.

I believe Apple will redesign the look of the iPhone 15 to have a more robust and unique look than the others. There is the probability that the phone will be fully e-sim so there will be no sim tray.

Dynamic Island has been introduced in the iPhone 14 series. I believe Apple will not take it away but rather redesign it to look more attractive.

4. No notch

Since Apple introduced Dynamic Island, I believe that should be the end of the notch screen. The Dynamic Island should now fully replace the notch screen.

I believe you will agree with me that the new Dynamic Island is more beautiful and functions with widgets and apps better compared to the notch screen. That is to say at least all that dark space above your screen is being put to some better use now. I don’t think Apple would like to bring that back.

5. New camera technology

One major thing Samsung uses to stay in competition with Apple is Camera quality. I believe this time around Apple would like to raise the bar higher than Samsung can reach.

If you think about cameras, then the only technology that comes to mind is the Periscope camera. Using a Periscope camera technology will mean the images will be sharper even if it is taken with 200X zoom.

The ability to zoom and still have a clearer photo is one of the features on Samsung phones that makes people compare it to iPhones.

6. Fast charging

Most of the top Android phone brands we know these days have reached the state where they can charge to full in an hour. Apple has seriously not improved on the charging speeds from all earlier versions.

The charging speed of the Samsung S20 is not the same as its earlier versions. Even One Plus has one of the best charging speeds in the industry. iPhone 14 is almost charging at the same speed as iPhone 7.

I think if Apple switches to the USB type C, there will also be an improvement in the charging speed. This is one of the important things on my iPhone 15 Wishlist.

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