How to Play the New Music Wordle Unlimited

By | March 7, 2023

Music is one product that has the largest fanbase in the world. Let us look at how to play the new Music Wordle Unlimited game.

There are music fanatics who consume music on daily basis and there are those who do not play music but only get caught up in what others are playing. No matter who you are, one way or the other, you listen to music.

In this article, we will be looking at how to play a music-guessing wordle game. If you have not been following for long, then you should know that I wrote earlier about how to play wordle unlimited games. I have also covered framed wordle which is for movie lovers and Wordle Junior among others.

All these games follow a similar pattern where a mystery word is picked for the day and you have to guess the word using the clues that are available to you.

Let us look at how Music Wordle also works.

Music Wordle Unlimited

Music Wordle Unlimited also known simply as Heardle Unlimited is a music guessing game. The goal of the game is to listen to a snippet or the introduction of a song and guess who sang it. It is similar to a game I wrote about earlier known as Anime Wordle Unlimited.

You have to listen to a sound first then guess the mystery artist whose song you just listened to. You have up to only six tries to guess this song and every single fail extends the song by 2 seconds to give you more clues.

How to play

To play this game, you must first visit in your web browser. The website is mobile-friendly so you can open it in your mobile browser.

How to Play the New Music Wordle Unlimited

The game gives you a nice interface with a play button. You have to click the “Play” button to start listening to the audio. Make sure you give your browser permission to use your audio output device before you begin.

The goal is to guess the song within six attempts. If you are familiar with the song you just heard, then simply go to the Search bar and start typing the name of the artist or the song title and a dropdown list will appear. Select and click on the song and click on the “Submit” button when you are done.

If you feel you have to hear more of the song to guess correctly, then click on the “SKIP (+)” button. Also know that each time you use the skip button, you lose one chance.

Music Wordle Unlimited

If you win, Bravo!

If you lose, you get to find the title of the song as well as the artist. Always take note of the song so you can recognize it the next time you hear it.

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