Play The New Pokémon Wordle Unlimited Game

If you are Pokémon fanatic, you now have Pokémon Wordle Unlimited to add up to your Pokémon games collections. This game features all the characters and you will have to know a lot about them to be able to play this.

I have been writing about wordle games where most of these wordle games rely on specific sports, movies, or games. Today’s wordle relies on Pokémon which is one of the very popular video games we know.

Pokemon wordle is a character-guessing game. I wrote about similar character-guessing wordle games earlier including NFL Wordle and NBA wordle. To win in such games, you must know the characters very well.

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If you do not know the characters, there is no way you will be able to win this game. Most of these types of character-guessing games are strictly for fans.

Let us look at how this game works.

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Pokémon Wordle Unlimited

Play The New Pokémon Wordle Unlimited Game

The Pokémon Wordle Unlimited is also known as Sqwordle. This game is a character-guessing game that relies fully on Pokémon. If you do not know about Pokémon, then you will find it very difficult to play this game.

The game as created by Nathan Fretz is a game that uses character matching to match the characters you will pick with the mystery character of the day.

Let us quickly look at how to play the game.

How to play

To play this game, you must visit in your web browser. The website is mobile-friendly so you can access it on any mobile device. You will also need an active internet connection since the game is strictly online.

The game has a very simple interface with clip art of all the characters. By clicking on any of the characters, you have guessed that character as your mystery character of the day.

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The colors and clues

Pokémon Wordle Unlimited Game

There are three colors in this game. They are Red, Green, and Yellow.

Green means your guess is the same as that of the mystery character. For instance, having a green psychic under “Type” for “Mew” means our mystery character is also a psychic type.

There is a red arrow pointing up under “Attack” for Mew. This means that the mystery character has more attack power than Mew and less defense power as well. Height and weight also show that the mystery character is taller and heavier than Mew.

All the colors and arrows you see will give you clues to help guess the mystery character. You should also know that you have to guess the mystery character in only six attempts. If you couldn’t guess the play in six attempts, it will be game over.

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