Play The New Anime Wordle Unlimited For Animation Series Lovers

By | March 6, 2023

Animation series lovers also have a word-guessing game now. The new Anime Wordle Unlimited is one of the best wordle games and it is a game targeted at cartoon anime lovers.

I have played many wordle games and written about my experiences playing them. One thing about word-guessing games is the fact that it is targeted a specific group of people.

For instance, NBA lovers have the NBA wordle, Baseball lovers have the MLB wordle, NFL lovers have the Weddle Wordle Unlimited, and even movie lovers have the Framed Wordle Unlimited. All these games are targeted at these specific groups of people.

Anime Wordle is also targeted at all animation lovers. So if you are an animation lover and think you can guess the anime titles and names of characters, then this is your game.

Anime Wordle Unlimited

Unlike most other similar wordle games where you have to guess words. This particular animation wordle game gives you audio. It could be a 12-second audio or intro song for the animation. You will have to listen to the audio and guess the title of the anime or the character whose voice you just heard.

It might sound like a difficult game, to begin with. But trust me if you are an animation lover, there is no failing at this. It should be as easy as taking a walk in the park.

How to play

To play Anime Wordle Unlimited, you must have an active internet connection since it is strictly online. Then visit The game comes with audio so you must allow your browser to access your audio device.

Play The New Anime Wordle Unlimited For Animation Series Lovers

The goal is to guess the animation title using the intro song as a clue. You have up to six tries and you can extend the song for 12 seconds long.

If you feel the song is too short so you cannot guess, you click the “SKIP (+)” button to skip or add extra seconds to the song.

If you think you have got the right title, simply start typing into the search bar. Select the particular title from the dropdown list and hit the “SUBMIT” button.

You should also know that using the “SKIP (+)” button is calculated as an attempt. It means if you skip six times, then you have no tries left for you.

The game is fun to play but you must be an animation lover to be able to play.

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