How To Play Foodle Unlimited Wordle

Foodle Unlimited Wordle is a game for everybody. We all eat at least a few times a day and know some food names. All you have to do is guess the mystery food name and win.

I have written about quite a few wordle unlimited games. All those games are targeted at only a specific group of people. For instance, there is a Framed Wordle targeted at movie fanatics, NBA Wordle for NBA fanatics, etc.

The Foodle Wordle is a game for everyone since everyone eats food. Of course, some people might say they do not like food but I have never seen a person survive without eating since birth.

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No matter how bad you are with food, I know you can mention a couple of foods off your head. That is all you will need to wind this amazing food guessing game.

Foodle Unlimited Wordle

Foodle Unlimited Wordle is a food guessing game that uses a five-letters guessing grid to help the player guess the mystery food of the day. It comes just like any other five-letter wordle game except you will be guessing foods in this particular game.

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The goal is to find the mystery food of the day and you have lots of clues to guide you through. You have only six tries to guess the food. Anything more than that will mean game over.

How to play

To play this game, you must visit The game is strictly online so you will need an active internet connection to access it. If you visit the page, you should see something similar to the one in the image below. Of course, yours should come without the letters.

How To Play Foodle Unlimited Wordle

You have to start by typing in your first five letters which should be a food name. There are clues you will have to follow from the colors that appear in your letters.

  • Green
    If you see a green color, it means the letter is in the mystery food name and in the correct position as the word you just guessed. It also means that you should maintain the position of the letter in your next guesses.
  • Yellow
    If you see a yellow letter, it means the letter is in the mystery food name but it is not in the correct position. In this case, you will have to bounce that particular letter around in your next guess until it turns green.
  • Grey
    If the letter is greyed out, it means it is not part of the letters in the mystery word. What you have to do next is to avoid using those letters in your next guess as much as possible.
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The possibility of winning this game relies on how well you will utilize the clues you get from guessing the wrong word.

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