How To Lock Or Protect Google Docs With Password

By | December 29, 2022

Google Docs can be securely stored in Google Drive. Unfortunately, it falls short of providing complete information protection.  While we are usually always signed into Google on our phones and computers, access to Google Drive requires logging into Google. That implies that if someone were to briefly gain access to your phone or computer, they could actually glance at some of the stuff we have on our phones. 

Password-protecting Google Docs is one practical method to safeguard your documents and this article looks at how you can protect your google doc with password.

Lock Or Protect Google Docs With Password

Lock Or Protect Google Docs With Password

Uploading encrypted Google Docs files and then requiring a password for access are some of the wise ways to lock and safeguard the sensitive data in your documents with a password. You can safely save confidential data in your Google Drive using a secure file encryption add-on.

Your Google Docs files saved on Google Drive are protected by bank-grade AES256 encryption thanks to the Secure File Encryption add-on. No unencrypted data actually departs your own computer thanks to this add-on. Your Google Docs files will automatically be encrypted as they are uploaded to Google Drive via this add-on, and they will be decrypted as soon as you download them.

How to use the Secure File Encryption add-on to password-protect your Google Docs

  • You must first install the Secure File Encryption add-on before you can use it to password-protect your Google Docs.
  • Do a “Secure file encryption” lookup on the G-Suite marketplace.
  • Select “Install” by clicking the blue button.
  • We need your approval before we can begin the installation of secure file encryption. Proceed by clicking. You’ll add the add-on to Google Drive.

How to Protect Google Docs with a Password in Word

Before submitting your word document to Google Docs, you can further secure it by giving it a password using Microsoft Word. Your document will receive additional protection in some easy steps if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer or laptop. This is how:

  • Encrypt your Word document The word document you want to password-protect should be opened. Click “File,” followed by “Info.” A drop-down for “Protect Document” will appear there. Select “Encrypt with Password” by clicking on it.
  • On the Encrypt Document pop-up, enter the password before clicking the Ok button.

How do you upload Google Docs files that are password-protected to Google Drive?

  • In order to upload a new file, hit the “New” button in the upper left corner of Google Drive, hover over “More,” and choose “Secure File Encryption” from the drop-down menu that displays.
  • A new window will appear allowing you to upload your file.
  • Upload the Google Docs file that you want to password-protect.
  • For your files to be encrypted, type the password. You will require the same password to download your Google Docs file.
  • The title of the Google Docs document can also be changed. Just before it exits your computer, it will be encrypted!

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