How to Share Google Drive Files With Non-Gmail Accounts

By | December 29, 2022

There are times when we need to share important google drive files to our colleagues and associates and since you know, despite the popularity of Gmail accounts, not everyone fancies it so it wouldn’t be strange to have a colleague who does not have a gmail account yet.

In such scenarios, finding alternatives to share the file becomes a major concern. In this post, we present you some of the ways you can share google rive files with non-gmail accounts.

Sharing Google Drive Files With Non-Gmail Accounts

Share the File or Folder Through Link

Google Drive files and folders are accessible to non-Gmail users using a URL that is emailed to them. You can fetch the link   by right-clicking the file or folder and selecting Get link.   After that, select Anyone with the link by clicking Restricted. Ensure you utilize the appropriate permission settings before emailing the link. There are three possibilities available to you:

  • Viewer
  • Commenter
  • Editor

Further limitations for editors, commentators, and viewers can be specified herein. The last step is to share it with your friends or colleagues by clicking the Copy link option. 

Distribute the File or Folder Via Email

Email sharing of files or folders is another method. Share can be chosen with a right-click on a file or folder. Add the emails to the Add individuals and groups area after that. Evaluate the Notify persons box to include a message in the email.

Hit Send when you are prepared to send the email. The only thing left to do is click Share despite Google Drive’s warning that you are sharing files with a non-Gmail account.

Without requiring them to sign in to a Google account, the email recipients will be informed that they have been given access. You should verify who has access to your Google Drive files if you frequently need to share them.

Share With Link or Email

Use email if you only need to share it with a limited group of people. The speed of pasting a link into a group chat may be faster for files or folders that are shared by many users.

How to Unshare a Google Doc

These documents are available online, so users have the option of sharing them with other users so that they can view or edit them. You can stop sharing a Google document with other users if you change your mind and no longer want them to have access.

  • log into your Google account and open google doc.
  • Select the name of the document you wish to stop sharing from your list of documents.
  • After the Sharing box has loaded, click the blue “Share” button in the document’s upper right corner.
  • To remove a user from the document sharing list, click the “X” symbol next to each name.
  • To stop sharing the document, click the “Share and Save” option at the bottom of the window.

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