How To Insert A Circle In Google Docs

By | December 22, 2022

Even though Google Docs is well recognized for facilitating cooperation on text-based media and making files available from practically anywhere in the globe, it also functions surprisingly well as a tool for visual presentations.

Shapes can be inserted in Google Docs in addition to photos, graphs, borders, and many other visual elements. These shapes can then be positioned wherever you like, such as around text. While they are not required for every document, circles can be used to organize information or separate critical facts from the remainder of your content.

You can use this tool to highlight crucial information for yourself or a teammate. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to put a circle into Google Docs.

How to Add a Circle to a Google Docs Document

A circle can be added in a Google Docs document to draw attention to the specific area you have added the circle to draw attention to highlight a specific function to it.

Here is the walk-through guide for you to add a circle to google doc:

  • Open, log into your account, and either start a new document or modify one that already exists.
  • Pick Drawing > New from the Insert tab.
  • Select the Shape icon in the toolbar at the top of the Drawing window to bring up the Shapes > Oval menu.
  • In the space provided on the canvas, draw a circle. Release the mouse button after dragging the circle to the size needed. You can enlarge it with greater accuracy at a later time, so don’t stress too much about making this just perfect.
  • Choose the shape, then in the toolbar at the top, click the Fill color button and choose Transparent. To view the word, you must be able to see through the circle.
  • Use the Border dash, Border weight, and Border color icons in the toolbar at the top to possibly style or color the shape’s border. If you’re using the circle to highlight a particular word, you might want to change the border’s color to an obvious color and raise the weight of the border.
  • In the Drawing window’s upper right corner, choose Save and Close.

It’s also important to note that you are not restricted to circles. Other existing shapes can be inserted, or you can even create your own.

How to Reposition a Circle in Google DocsIn order to move your circle:

In order to move your circle:

  • Select the center of your shape.
  • Select Text Wrapping from the Image Options menu that displays on the right.
  • Choose In Front of Text from the menu.
  • Choose your form and move it around until the left side is broadly aligned with the beginning of the word you would like to circle.
  • On the shape’s bottom-right handle icon, click and hold (the blue square).
  • To change the size of your shape, drag left and up.
  • To place the form better, click and hold on to it and drag it about.
  • If your shape is still too large, repeat step 6. The handles at the top or bottom can be used to adjust just the height, while the handles on the left and right can be used to adjust just the width.
  • By pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard while holding down Shift, you may precisely place the shape after the size is correct. The shape will move in little steps as a result.
  • After placing your shape, you could select to alter the color or increase the line’s thickness. To launch the Drawing window and do any necessary modifications, double-click on the shape.

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