How To Indent A Paragraph On Google Docs Mobile

By | December 22, 2022

A text formatting technique known as an indent sets a paragraph or piece of text off from the margin. However, if you’re using the Google Docs app to complete tasks while on the go, it can be difficult to locate the indent option, much alone create various indents, whether for form or function.
In this guide, we are looking at how  to indent the initial line and the entire paragraph on the Google Docs app for Android and Apple mobile devices.

How To Indent A Paragraph On Google Docs Mobile

This technique is compatible with the iPhone and Android app versions.

  • Open the document you wish to indent a paragraph in using the Google Docs app on your smartphone.
    To use the program in editing mode, select the “Pencil” icon.
  • Click the “A” icon from the top menu after selecting the text or paragraph with your finger. Numerous alternatives will then become available over your mobile keyboard. Click the “Paragraph” tab.
  • Tap “increasing indent” from the increase or decrease indent menu.
  • Your entire paragraph will move to the right as a result of this.

How To Create A Hanging Indent In Google Apps On PC

A hanging indent, commonly referred to as a negative indent, is a type of paragraph indentation in which the initial line is not indented but the subsequent lines are. When including citations into your academic writing, hanging indents can be helpful.

You may also make a Hanging Indent in Google Docs, which is comparable to First Line and Left Indent. You can do it by using either Google Docs’ Ruler or Format options. Here are the two.

How to Create a Hanging Indent with a Ruler

  • Choose the paragraph you wish to add a hanging indent to in order to make a hanging indent with the use of the Ruler.
  • To adjust the indent for your paragraph, drag the Left indent marker (an upside-down triangle) to the right.
  • Move the horizontal First Line indent bar to the left. In this manner, the rest of the paragraph will remain in place while only the initial line is indented to its left.

How To Create a hanging indent with the format tool.

Otherwise, you can use Google Docs’ Format tool to generate a hanging indent at a specific number with the process below.

  • Choose the paragraph that you want to indent.
  • To change the indentation options, navigate to Format > Align and indent.
  • Use the drop-down menu under Special indent to choose Hanging from the list.
  • You can enter a custom value in cm in the box next to it.
  • Finally, press Apply.


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