How To Lock An Image In Google Docs

One of the main problems a user encounters when creating a document that includes both text and images is how the location of the image moves when the content does. This makes it very difficult to optimize the document’s structure practically.
The document appears disorganized and sloppy as a result of the constantly shifting uploaded image and text updates.  In Google Docs, you may lock a picture in a certain location so that it remains there even if the text is changed, relocated, or even removed. This makes it possible for the user to navigate the text as needed without being concerned about how it might effect the placement of the uploaded image.

We are looking at how you can lock an image in Google docs in this guide.

How To Lock An Image In Google Docs

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Follow the instructions below in order to have your image being locked in Google doc.

1: Launch the Google Docs program on the computer.

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2. Select the document you’ll be working with.

3: Tap on the image that has to be secured after opening the document.

4: At the bottom of the image, select the Move with The Text option.

5. From the menu that appears, select Fix Position on the Page.

6: At this point, the image can be directly dragged throughout the document.

7: The three vertical dots located at the bottom of the image can also be clicked to make placement modifications.

8: From the menu that displays, select All Image Options.

9. On the right side of the screen, a drop-down menu shows up

10: From the drop-down menu, select Position.

11. A number of possibilities are presented.

12: Select the option for Fix Position on Page.

13: Among the alternatives is another one that indicates how the image is positioned in relation to the left margin.

14.To adjust the image’s position within the document, click on the dimensions. The user may see that the image’s position is shifting in response to changes in each axis’ magnitude on the X and Y axes.

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15: To choose the image’s final position, the user can also look at the Quick Layouts offered by the Docs.

16. There are many rapid layouts accessible in this section, and the user can utilize the arrow icon to browse all of the layout options before selecting one.


The image is effectively locked in the designated place, and if the user wants to disable the feature and enable free movement with the content, all they have to do is tap on the image, select the Move with Text option that shows at the bottom of the image, and then turn it on.

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