How To Include Comments When Printing Google Docs

By | December 12, 2022

With Google Docs, it’s simple to create and share documents with others. Depending on the rights you provide them, they can view, comment on, or modify your work. Collaboration is made possible.

Google Docs typically does not permit printing of any files or documents that contain comments; however, when printing a document, Google Docs keeps the comments on the canvas. But if you really want to, you can still do it. By using the instructions provided below, you may quickly print an entire Google Doc file with comments.

How To Print Comments In Google Docs

There are several ways to include comments when printing in Google Docs and below are some of the methods.

Save As Word Document And Print

One of the simplest ways to know how to print comments in Google Docs is to save them in Microsoft Office Word format. Once the file type is saved, just print it

  • Launch the Google document with comments that you intend to print.
  •  Tap on the File tab from the menu bar.
  • Choose Download. You will be given a choice from a range of download options for your document. .docx format for Microsoft Word is preferred.
  • access the Microsoft Word file that was obtained from the file download site.
  • Select Review from the drop-down option (from the menu bar of the word document). Select the Show comments option after that.
  • The right side of your page will now display the entirety of the comments content. Even the margins can be adjusted for a flawless printed page.
  • On the toolbar’s left side, select the File tab.
  • Choose Print from the menu. You may see a print preview of the document in the side panel on the right. The document contains the comments.
  • Select the Print option. Your printing will now begin.

Save As An OpenDocument And Print

Let’s look at how to use OpenDocument to print comments in Google Docs.

  • Choose File from the menu bar by clicking on it.
  • Using the Download selection Download Google Doc in Open Document Format (.odt).
  • Your computer will store the.odt file. In any of the aforementioned compatible programs, open it from the file location. 
  • You can choose Print from the dropdown menu by clicking the File menu on the toolbar.
  • Select the Print option. You can adjust the default paper size for the print task, which is configured to letter by default.

Save It As Web Page And Print

You may save the Google Doc as a web page and print the document with comments. Sometimes when you don’t want to open your document in any other program, you can use this technique.

  • From the toolbar, select File from the menu.
  • Download the Google Doc by choosing Web Page (.html, zipped) from the Download menu.
  • The computer should download a zip folder. Go to the file location, unpack the folder, and then launch your web browser to view the HTML file.
  • Press Ctrl+P to print. You can examine a print preview of your document in the print dialog that appears after it is opened.

Use Chrome Extension To Print Google Doc With Comments

It is feasible to employ an extension to print the document straight from Docs if you use Google Chrome as your browser.

  • Find the extension Print Google Doc with Comments in the Chrome Web Store and select Add to Chrome.
  • Open your file with comments in Google Doc using the Chrome browser. To see all the extensions, such as the Print Google Doc with Comments extension, tap on the Extensions icon at the top right corner of the browser.
  • A page preview will appear when you select the extension Print Google Doc with Comments, and selecting the Print button at the bottom will enable printing to Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Select Print using system dialog by clicking.

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