How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

By | December 13, 2022

With the help of Google Docs, a capable browser-based word processor, you can write most academic assignments and scholarly articles. But what about fractions and mathematical equations? Are they compatible with Google Docs?

Mathematical operators like fractions are frequently employed in the fields of science, math, and finance. For writing mathematical and chemical equations, it is quite helpful. There is a function in Google Docs that allows us to use fractions to generate equations and who knows when you may need to use fraction in your Google Docs.

In this guide, we are examining how to write fractions in Google docs.

How To Write Fractions In Google Docs

There are several ways to write fractions in Google Docs and below are some of them.

Using Equations

  • Click “Insert” at the top of the document where you want to add fractions after opening it.
  • Choose “Equation.”
  • A new toolbar will now appear at the top. Math Operations can be chosen from there by clicking.
  • To include a fraction to your document, use the first option.
  • Press any of the keys listed underneath to change your cursor to the denominator’s space after adding your numerator.
  • To finalize your fraction, press any one of the following keys: Enter, Tab, or Arrow Keys.

Using Keyboard shortcut

To swiftly convert integers into superscript and subscript, which can subsequently be used as denominators and numerators, you can also employ the accompanying keyboard shortcut. You can enter the desired numbers by using the reference provided beneath. Then, you can use / to divide your numerator by your denominator.

  • Superscript shortcut  is Ctrl + in the numerator.
  • Subscript shortcut is Ctrl + is the denominator.

How to Automatically Add Fractions in Google Docs

It is possible to set Google Docs to convert your manually entered fractions into special characters immediately if you wish to expedite the procedure. Any pseudofractions you enter (such as 3/2) will be converted via text replacements into the corresponding special character.

This is how to write fractions in Google Docs:

  • Create a new document in Google Docs.
  • Find the relevant special characters that correspond to the fractions you wish to convert by selecting Insert > Special Characters.
  • Try searching for fraction in the search bar if you can’t seem to locate it.
  • To paste the fractions into your new document, click the fraction icon.
  • To copy a fraction to your clipboard, highlight it and hit Ctrl + C.
  • Press Tools > Preferences .
  • Click the Substitutions tab found inPreferences.
  • Ensure the selection for automatic substitutions is selected. Enter a fictitious fraction that you would type yourself in the Replace column, such as 3/2.
  • Paste the special character that corresponds to the fraction (such as  ½) in the With column.
  • To save, click OK.

While you are utilizing this feature, manually type the fraction (such as 3/2) and hit the spacebar. When you insert text, Google Docs will immediately change it to the appropriate special character.

Using Superscript and Subscript Method

To create fractions, we can use Google Docs’ superscript and subscript functionalities. Let’s examine the procedure.

  • Launch Google Docs, then enter the denominator number, a slash (/), and the numerator number.
  • Following that, select Format> Text > Superscript and the Numerator number.
  • Choose Format > Text > Subscript after choosing the Denominator number.
  • Then, divide your entire number into fractions.

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