How to Give Someone Access to Facebook Ads Manager

If you looking forward to getting help with your Facebook ad management, then you should learn how to give someone access to Facebook Ads Manager.

In trying to get help managing Facebook Ads, most people end up giving out their private Facebook logins to others so they can access the account. That will expose your account to a third party and it is not good for business.

In this article, I will be helping you to get around the Facebook Ads Manager without giving your password and login information out.

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What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a Facebook business platform that helps you to manage advertisements for the Facebook audience.

The platform is one of the business messaging platforms that help businesses to survive on Facebook. Even though the platform has been rebranded to “Meta Ads Manager”, most people still refer to it by its former name.

The Meta Ads Manager allows you to create and manage ads. You also get to target the audience using configurations that are highly available to you. There are amazing tools including ones that will help you get insights into your target audience.

How to give someone access to Facebook Ads Manager

To give someone access to Facebook Ads Manager, there are certain things you must know. Most people make money on Facebook by spending so much on their Ads accounts. That is why Facebook has put measures in place to ensure your accounts are always safe.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to link someone else’s account to your Ads Manager without giving them your password or username. You also get to control their access limit while giving them access. Below is a table that shows the type of role and what they can do.

View ads
Access reports
Create and edit ads
Edit payment method
Manage admin permissions

The first row shows the types of roles available and the first column shows what each of them can do. The check marks also show which controls a particular role type has control over. Note that giving someone an Admin role will make the person full control over your Meta Ads Manager account.

To give someone access to your Facebook Ads Manager, follow the procedure below.

Giving access to someone

  • Select “Add People” under the “Add account roles” tab.
  • Enter the person’s email address and select the roles you would like to give the person.
  • Click on the confirm button to send your invitation.
  • Tell the person to accept the invite and finally, they can manage the account.

Give access to your ad account to only people you know. No matter what, try as much as possible not to give people Admin access since e they can have full control over your account. Someone with Admin access can even remove the owner of the account.
Make sure you have two 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled before you give other users access. After giving users access, ask them to also enable 2 Factor Authentication.

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