How To Get Minecraft RTX Enabled For Free

By | February 14, 2023

If you want to get the best experience in Minecraft, then you should know how to get Minecraft RTX enabled. I will help you understand how this is done for free.

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There is a new way you can make your Minecraft experience better. Thanks to the new Ray Tracing technology, you can have a better display.

What is RTX?

Ray Tracing Texel extreme or RTX as most people call it is a visual enhancement platform created by Nvidia. The RXT helps with real-time ray tracing and this helps to improve illumination.

The Ray Tracing technology is to help mimic natural illumination scenes in the digital environment and it has been very successful. There are currently Nvidia graphic cards that have support for this technology

Nvidia has also worked with Microsoft to bring this technology and incorporate the support for this into DirectX. At the moment RTX is currently available through Nvidia Optix, DirectX, and Vulkan.

How to get Minecraft RTX enabled

Since the RTX is here to improve the visual experience, it is very necessary to try it in games. RTX is an Nvidia platform and that also means you can only get access to this technology if you have an Nvidia graphic card. You should also know that not all Nvidia graphic cards support this technology.

Most of the Nvidia GTX graphic cards support this technology. If you want to use this in your Minecraft rendering, then you should make sure your GPU supports this technology.

You should also update your drivers and game to their latest versions. Make sure you visit the Nvidia web page to check for your drivers and also download Minecraft with RTX support.

Follow the procedure below to enable Minecraft RTX

  • Launch Minecraft and go to the options tab
  • Go to video settings
  • Scroll down and select “RTX” option under graphics settings.
  • Click on the “Done” button to effect your changes

You have successfully activated RTX for your Minecraft

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