How To Make Halo Infinite Run Better

By | February 8, 2023

A lagging and slow game is bad news for a gamer. No matter how skilled you are, you will only have to quit to save yourself the humiliation. In this tutorial, we shall look at some simple but effective ways to make Halo Infinite run better.

Gaming is fun but not always fun when you are at the humiliation receiving end. If you want to be on top of your game, then you will need a faster and high-performing game.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to change your console to make it faster. You only have to tweak a few things to make your game perform better. Today, we shall look at how to make Halo Infinite run better both on PC and any other console you have.

how to make halo infinite run better

Halo Infinite is a shooter game developed by 343 Industries and released in 2021. The game was published by Xbox Game Studios and is available in all Xbox One series. There is also a version for the Windows computer which PC users can enjoy.

How to make Halo Infinite run better

There are different ways to make this game run better especially if you know what is making it slower. If you are playing this game on your PC, then if it is slower, you will have to make your PC faster first.

We will tackle the game’s performance by solving the PC’s performance first. If we are sure our PC is faster, then we can go ahead and check what is wrong with the game itself.

Make your PC perform better

  • If you are using your PC for gaming, then make sure your PC is at least within the 5 to 8 CPU cores range. This is the number of CPU cores most gaming consoles come with and that should be ok for your PC too.
  • Use performance-boosting software like SpeedFan and ThrottleStop to help get your PC to its peak performance.
  • Replace your HDD with an SSD. SSDs tend to load files faster than HDDs which is why you must use SSDs in your gaming PC.
  • Upgrade your RAM: If your RAM is too low, the CPU will have to fetch temporary files from the Hard Disk which is not good at all.
  • Get a faster internet service: Halo Infinite is an online game and demands an internet connection, especially when using the Xbox cloud. The files will have to be fetched faster for a faster serving. That is why you need a very good internet connection to make this game perform better.

You can also implement other tiny changes you can improve the performance of your PC.

With all the above done, you can go ahead and configure the game itself for maximum performance.

Halo Infinite configuration for maximum performance

Now that we have finished performance settings for the PC, let us take it a bit further by tuning the FPS of the game itself. If you are playing on the Xbox console, some of these settings will also be useful to you.

If you launch the game, you will have to perform these configurations in the game. I have made a table of the settings below.

Field of View: 100+
Display Adapter: Player’s GPU
Display Monitor: Player’s Primary Display
Borderless Fullscreen: Enabled
Resolution Scale: 100%
Minimum Framerate: Off
Maximum Framerate: Unlocked
Limit Inactive Frame Rate: Personal Preference
Quality Preset: Custom
Anti-Aliasing: Low
Texture Filtering: Low
Ambient Occlusion: Low
Texture Quality: Low or Medium
Geometry Quality: Low or Medium
Reflection: Off or Low
Depth of Field: High
Shadow Quality: Low
Lighting Quality: Low
Volumetric Fog Quality: High
Cloud Quality: Low
Dynamic Wind: Low
Ground Cover Quality: High or Ultra
Effects Quality: Low
Decal Quality: Ultra
Animation Quality: Auto
Terrain Quality: High or Ultra
Simulation Quality: High
Flocking Quality: Off or Low
ASYNC Compute: Enabled
Blur: 0%
Screen Shake: 0%
Exposure: 0%
Full-Screen Effects: 20% or Lower
Speed Lines: Disabled
Sharpening: Personal Preference

You can change these settings to the best option you deem fit. But you have to also know that these are the settings that most gamers have confirmed to have increased FPS. Making little changes in your game configuration is not much but you will see the boost in FPS afterward.

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