How To Change Text Color In Google Docs

By | December 16, 2022

While the majority of the docauments you produce will just require the standard black text, sometimes you may engage with other kinds of documents. As a result, you may be curious about how to alter the font color in Google Docs.

In this guide, the process to change the text color in Google docs would be highlighted.

How To Change Text Color In Google Docs

To completely change the color of text in Google Docs, modify the default font formatting style so that you won’t have to keep changing the settings.


  • Launch Google Docs on your computer.
  • Input any text you like in the document and then select the Text Color option from the Toolbar to alter the font color.
  • Head to Format > Paragraph styles > Options > click “Save as my default styles” in the “Menu bar.”

When you save the settings, Google Docs’ font color will be permanently locked. Your default text color will be the color you chose to use in your new document.


Additionally, you may easily change the text color for both the entire document and a specific paragraph.


Launch Google Docs on your computer.

You can either select a certain section of text and click “Ctrl + A” to select all of it and change the color.

Select the desired color from the color palette by selecting the Text Color option from the toolbar.

In Google Docs, the color is immediately applied to the text as you choose it.


How To Reset Google Docs’ text color or font

You can restore text color formatting to its original settings after making all necessary modifications when you follow the steps oulined.

Go over to Format > Paragraph styles > Options > click “Reset styles” in the “Menu bar.”

How to Modify Page Color in Google Doc

A Google Docs document’s background color can be changed to add a little flavor. Opening a document and always being forced to look at a white default background might become monotonous.

You can add your own flair to it by changing the background color. Any Google Docs File Can Have a Different Background Color Added.

  • Open Google Docs and select the new or existing file whose background color you want to change to customize it. When the file is open, select Page Set Up by clicking the File option in the top left corner (one of the last options down).
  • If you also want to make those modifications, you can click on a number of options when the Page Setup window displays. You may see all the available colors by selecting the Page Color option.
  • You have a higher chance of getting the color you want if you choose Custom. If you know the hexadecimal value of the color you want, you can type it in the box or move the slider until the desired color appears in the preview window.

Another option that you’ll notice is Set as default. You can change the default color for future Google Doc files to the color you’ve chosen if you’re prepared to give up the customary white backdrop.

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