How To Add Degree Symbol In Google Docs

Even though Google Docs has so many wonderful features that make work enjoyable and less stressful but occasionally, individuals struggle with straightforward things like adding a degree symbol.

Although there isn’t a simple, direct way to enter a degree sign in Google Sheets, it is still possible.

I’ll walk you through a few simple ways to add a degree symbol to Google Spreadsheets in this step-by-step instruction.

utilizing the Alt keyboard shortcut to add the degree symbol (Windows)

In order to add the degree sign using the Alt keyboard shortcut in a Google Docs document follow the steps below:

  • Wherever you wish to enter the degree sign in the document, place the cursor there.
  • To access the numeric keypad, press Alt + 248 or Alt + 0176.
  • Use the numeric keypad’s NumLock button if the sequence doesn’t function.
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Using The special letters in Insert to add the degree symbol

Using the Input special characters dialog box, you may insert the degree symbol in addition to other symbols.

  • Wherever you wish to enter the degree sign in the document, place the cursor there.
  • Within the menu, select Insert. There is a drop-down menu.
  • Please select Special characters. A dialog box is displayed.
  • Enter the word “degree” in the search field. You can also draw the symbol you need in the Drawing area or choose it from the Symbol drop-down menu.
  • Select the degree icon.
  • Click “Finish” (X on the top right of the dialog box).

Inserting the degree symbol using an Option keyboard shortcut (Mac)

Using the keyboard shortcut Option, you may add the degree sign to a Google Docs document as follows:

  • Wherever you wish to enter the degree sign in the document, place the cursor there.
  • At the top of your keyboard, press Option + Shift + 8.
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Using a personalized shortcut in Substitutions to insert the degree sign

To design a unique degree sign keyboard shortcut for Google Docs, follow the steps listed below:

  • Place the cursor wherever you want to insert the symbol in the document.
  • Use one of the aforementioned techniques to insert the degree sign.
  • Press Command + C or Ctrl + C after choosing the symbol.
  • On the menu, select Tools. There is a drop-down menu.
  • Then select Preferences. A dialog box is displayed.
  • Hit On the Substitutions tab
  • To paste the degree symbol, click in the With box and then hit Ctrl + V or Command + V.
  • Insert the letters and symbols you want to replace by clicking in the Replace box and typing the character.
  • Select OK.

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