How to Rearrange Pages In Google Docs

There are times when you have a lot of work in your google docs that you seem not to understand the ordering of the pages, either due to your error or a blind mistake made by adding a lot of documents together.


You are at the right place if you want to know how to rearrange pages in Google docs.

How to rearrange pages in Google Docs

To rearrange the pages in Google Docs, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Launch your Google Docs file.
  • To choose all of the content from one page, left-click, hold, and drag the entire page’s contents. Simply pick all of the content from a document using your mouse.
  • You can now use the Right Click -> Select the Cut option or the Ctrl + X keyboard shortcut to remove all of the material from the page.
  • Placing the cursor at the the page’s end and selecting a page break from the Insert menu’s Select Break and Choose Page Break options will now add a new page between them.
  • To add a new page between the existing pages of your Google Docs document, press Ctrl + Enter.
  • To paste the entire document’s contents onto the freshly generated page, use the right-click menu to select the paste option or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V.
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After eliminating all of the empty pages, your Google Docs document will appear excellent and you will be able to correctly reorganize the pages.

How can the page layout be modified in Google Docs?

Follow the short instructions below to change page layouts in Google docs

  • Open a Google Docs document on your PC. Right-click the text or picture.
  • Choose either Change page to portrait or Change page to landscape.

Can I rearrange the order of files in Google Drive?

You can rearrange the order of files if you have a grid view of your files

Navigate to on your PC. Tap the name of the current sort, such as “Name” or “Last modified,” in the top right corner. Select the desired sorting by clicking on it.

How can I modify the file order?

Select the dots to the left of the name of the folder or file you want to rearrange by clicking the dots. The file or folder will go up and down if you drag while clicking. If you drop the file there, a gray outline will indicate you where it will end up.

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