How To Clear Formatting In Google Docs

By | December 14, 2022

You may edit your papers in a variety of ways using Google Docs. Google Docs provides you with the tools to carry out these tasks if you have to create a background image or alter the font styling for a group of text.

Inappropriate formatting occasionally appears in material that you paste into your Google Docs document. When you want the text to seem the same as the rest of the document, it can be too huge or the wrong colour.

As one method is to manually change the formatting options by choosing the text, look for each individual formatting option that has to be changed but it can be time-consuming and annoying, thats where the shortcut for clearing formatting in google docs comes in.

Thankfully, it is possible to completely remove formatting from a Google Docs document and the steps have been outlined in this post.

What does “clear formatting” actually do?

Clear formatting eliminates every formatting you’ve given to a word, paragraph, or document, including bold, italic, underlining, paragraph background color or line, different line spacing from your “Normal” default style, superscript, subscript, and strikethrough. It leaves the heading styles, columns, bullets, etc. in place.

How to Clear Formatting from a Selection in Google Docs

Method 1

  • Double-click the document with the formatting you want to get rid of in your Google Drive.
  • The text that you want to remove the formatting from should be highlighted using your mouse. Please take note that by clicking anywhere on the page and then pressing the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut, you can capture the entire content.
  • In the toolbar above the document, select the Clear formatting button. It’s the button with the bolded “T” that has an X next to the line under it. This button has been substituted in more recent Google Docs versions by an emphasized T with a diagonal line through it.

Kindly be aware that Pressing Ctrl + Z on your keyboard will allow you to restore the formatting if you decide the selection’s appearance is undesirable after you’ve removed it.

Method 2

There is an alternate way of clearing format in google docs and below is the process.

  • Launch Google Docs and open your document.
  • Pick the text whose formatting you want to remove.
  • At the top of the window, select the Format tab.

Google Docs Shortcut on the Keyboard to Remove Formatting

Ctrl + is the keyboard shortcut.

Please remember that in order to use this key combination, text must first be selected.

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