How To Activate Vodafone GHS 5 For 5GB For 7 Days

By | December 24, 2022

If you are planning to cut down the cost involved in browsing, check out How To Activate Vodafone GHS 5 For 5GB For 7 Days in Ghana.

There are many times we all need data bundle to browse the internet conveniently. At times, we need data bundle for downloads, chats or stream popular Netflix movies in our leisure times.

The cost of data bundle has become headache for many internet lovers, particularly persons that work with the internet. Vodafone is one of the best mobile network providers with the fastest internet service across the nation.

Wherever you are, you can make purchase for cheap vodafone data bundles and surf the web without limitation.

Data bundle is expensive, and imagine there is a way you could get cheap internet bundle from Vodafone Ghana for more days. Here comes the Vodafone Made4U or Vodafone BOSSU weekend offer for interesting internet lovers.

About Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana, formerly Ghana Telecom, is the national telecommunications company of Ghana. The company in Ghana operates under Vodacom Group – Africa’s leading mobile telecommunications company. As of January 2020, it had around 9.3 million mobile voice subscribers, representing 13.81% of the Ghanaian market shares.

How To Activate Vodafone GHS 5 For 5GB For 7 days

Vodafone Ghana makes browsing interesting to its subscribers from the Vodafone GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days data bundle offer. There are times you will dial the made4U short code and get better offer, and sometimes will not be the same. But today, you can make use of the short code and activate Vodafone GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days.

Here is how to activate Vodafone Made4U offer

  1. Dial the Made4U short code — *530#
  2. Check the available Vodafone Made4U offers
  3. Check and select GHS 5 for 5GB for 7 days offer
  4. Choose the option to activate
  5. Now, wait for your airtime to be deducted

Here is how to activate Vodafone BOSSU weekend offer

  • Dial dial *5588#
  • Choose option 3 — Bossu weekend
  • Select the option 1
  • Choose your payment method — Airtime or Vodafone Cash
  • Vodafone will activate your offer for you

Whichever data bundle offer you choose, the goal is to get cheaper bundle package and be able to browse the internet conveniently.

You have the chance to enjoy 5GB data bundle during the weekend, from Vodafone Ghana. After the weekend, you would have to make purchase for normal Vodafone bundle package.

There might be numerous network services that have cheapest data bundles in Ghana, but Vodafone with their cheapest bundle with fastest network connection is what you cannot resist.

How To Get Free Data From Vodafone Ghana

As a Vodafone Ghana subscriber, you have the chance to subscribe for unlimited data for continuous browsing. You can dial *900# and choose from the list.

You can also get free data bundle from Vodafone Ghana, without the need to buy airtime. All you would have to do is to upgrade to Vodafone 4G and receive your free 4GB data. We have our guide for readers about how to upgrade to Vodafone 4G.

After activation of your SIM Card to 4G, you will be given free data of 4GB as part of upgrading to 4G SIM.

Should our useful guide about How To Activate Vodafone GHS 5 For 5GB For 7 Days has helped you, you can make use of the comment box below and share you ideas.

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