How To Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone

By | December 25, 2022

ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana has received numerous requests from its audience about How To Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone and here is a complete guide you can follow and get this done as Apple iOS user.

The GBWhatsApp APK has been counted as the highly demanded and popular mod of WhatsApp application for smartphones.

This article guide here will walk you through what is GBWhatsApp, how does GBWhatsApp work, how to download and install GBWhatsApp on your iPhone, and many other features.

What is GB WhatsApp and why do people use it?

GB WhatsApp is a clone messenger app, very similar to the well-known WhatsApp. In addition to working the same way, it allows access to contacts, even those who do not have the app installed.

GBWhatsApp is a third-party app that provides the latest features of WhatsApp without any hassle. Unlike other apps, it does not need to be rooted or jail broken to work properly.

Just like the normal WhatsApp application we have been using on our smartphones, the GBWhatsApp has additional features you cannot resist to use on your device.

This article guide here shall walk you through the easier steps on How To Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone in 2023.

The following are some of the most important features of GB WhatsApp IOS.

  • You can now quickly install the GB WhatsApp for IOS. The following are some of the most important features of GBWhatsapp IOS.
  • You can communicate with others by sharing photographs, videos, documents, GIFs, and other media.
  • You can also create a separate group for your pals. Using the mention feature, you can mention anyone in the group.
  • You can delete your sent message in the most recent version of this app.
  • A single message can be sent to up to 600 individuals.
  • Emojis can be sent.
  • If you want to keep unseen text after seeing it, you can do so effortlessly.
  • You may effortlessly copy your message, image, and video and then email it without duplicating anyone’s name and details. Filters can be applied to photographs.
  • You can also make a video call and call contacts who are not on your contacts list.
  • This version allows you to specify the status and the length of the status, which can be up to 35 characters.
  • You can hide your status if you don’t want others to see it.
  • Chats can also be archived.
  • The message space is infinite, and you can send 100 photos to one contact at the same time instead of 30.
  • You may customize your backgrounds, post profile images, and change them.
  • You can hide your last seen, among other things.
  • Furthermore, this program ensures your safety from unwanted users.

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

Honestly, you can not directly install GB Whatsapp from the Apple Store, however, you can install it through other applications. You can not install WhatsApp GB directly from the Apple App Store and Android’s play store because these modded applications are alterations of the original applications. Third-party developers also do this.

But if you are an iPhone user and still want to use a modded version of Whatsapp, follow the steps below.

How to Install GB WhatsApp on iPhone

NB: In order to install GB WhatsApp on your iPhone, you need to install a different marketplace. We are installing pandahelp, which contains modded versions of popular ios applications including WhatsApp.

  1. Open your safari browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Tap on the Regular tap after the page has been loaded.
  4. Install the Panda Help on your device by tapping on install.
  5. Open the PandaHelp App after it has been successfully installed.
  6. Search for WhatsApp Wasuti.
  7. From the search result, tap on the download button on the right side of WhatsApp Wasuti.
  8. You will receive a pop notification; select don’t clone and tap on Install.
  9. Wait for some time for your WhatsApp Wasuti to finish downloading.
  10. After installation, set up your WhatsApp account.
  11. Then Voila! You have successfully installed a modded version of WhatsApp, which is almost the same as GB WhatsApp.

As iOS user, your Apple iPhone has more capabilities yet to be discovered as ICT Catalogue as a tech blog will keep you updated about more tips and tricks involved in using iOS devices. You may also share with others on what you know about How To Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone.


This version of WhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp version, and you are using it at your own risk. Using a modded version of WhatsApp may lead to a ban, and you can also not receive assistance from WhatsApp if the need arises.

But if you don’t care about any of these, you can use your WhatsApp with more advanced features.

It is our privilege that this article has been of useful to you about How To Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone in 2023.

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