How To Activate MTN Caller Tune In Ghana

By | June 8, 2022

Activating the MTN Caller Ringback Tune as MTN Ghana subscriber makes it interesting for people calling you to enjoy the moments of good music on their phones.

MTN Ghana makes it easier to subscribe to the MTN Caller Tunes service with as low as GHS 0.26p per song valid for 60 days.

There are a lot of people that would love to go about subscribing to the MTN Caller tune but are confused on how to start this process on their mobile phones.

Worry no more, as I have the complete guide you can follow and learn more about how to subscribe to MTN Caller ringback tone via your mobile phone now.

This is the complete steps you should follow and learn How To Activate for MTN Caller Tune In Ghana for 2022.

What Is MTN Caller Ringback Tone?

The MTN Caller Ringback tone is the ringing tone we listened whenever call someone. This plays a song of which we listen in the background before the person answers the phone call.

We all have that good music and would love to set it as our caller ringback tone for our cherished callers to list and enjoy.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can activate the MTN Caller ringback tone service in Ghana with some pesewas.

What Are The Songs You Can Set From MTN Caller Ringback Tune

With the MTN Caller Tunes, there are varieties of songs you can set to ring back whenever someone calls you. You can set your favourite caller ringback tone for your callers raging from the world of gospel songs, hip life, high life, hip pop songs, reggae and many more.

The MTN Caller Tunes has islamic caller tune codes in Ghana of which you can subscribe to. You will always have to check and choose from the list of songs MTN presents to you.

MTN Caller Tunes Charges In Ghana

The MTN Caller tune download / renewal / present apply below charges. An MTN Ghana prepaid subscriber is charges GHS 0.26 per song valid for 60 days; GHS 0.15 per song valid for 60 days, GHS 0.10 per song valid for 30days.

How To Activate MTN Caller Tune

To subscribe to the MTN Caller Tune service, you should follow the steps to be provided below. Entertain your friends with MTN CallerTunez

Dial the MTN Caller Tune short code, *1355#

Select the option 1 – Subscribe

Select 1 to confirm your subscription to MTN CallerTunez at 65p/month

Now, follow the prompt to activate your caller tune

You should receive a message from MTN Ghana that your subscription has been succeeded.

“You have successfully subscribed to MTN CallerTunez at GHC 0.65 for 30 days. To unsubscribe send STOP to 1355. Dial *1355# to search for your favourite songs. Fallback charges apply.”

How To Stop MTN CallerTunez Service

Many people after subscribing to the MTN Caller Tune service due to the charges worry a lot and would love to unsubscribe to the MTN Caller Tunes. Yes of course, you can also unsubscribe from the MTN Caller Tunes offer at a go.

You will just have to send STOP to 1355 via SMS and MTN Ghana will send you a message about the cancellation of your MTN Caller Ringback tone.

The code to deactivate caller tune in MTN is to send STOP to 1355 via SMS.

MTN Caller Tune Code In Ghana

The MTN Caller Tune short code in Ghana is *1355#. This code helps you subscribe to the MTN CallerTunez to choose your favourite song, unsubscribe any time you want.

For any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the MTN Ghana customer service representative for assistance via 100. Today, this article guide has been of help on everything that you would need to know about How To Activate MTN Caller Tune In Ghana.

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