How To Register For MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana 2022

By | June 6, 2022

The Mobile Money service has come to make payments convenient to mankind, and a subscriber would only need to loan his or her Mobile Money wallet from MTN Mobile Money agent and good to go.

MTN Ghana with its Mobile Money (MoMo) service has contributed much to the world of Fintech and list of mobile money services in Ghana.

MoMo means mobile money and is a service provided by the mobile phone network MTN. The service allows you to carry out financial transactions via your mobile phone and is most useful when you’re traveling or when banking hours are limited. If you want to register for MoMo pay in Ghana, follow these steps:

You can now make payments with MTN MoMo Pay easily in Ghana and here is How To Register For MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana 2022.

What Is MTN MoMo Pay?

MTN MoMo Pay is a merchant payment service that encourages customers to digitize transactions with sellers, paying for products and services through MTN Mobile Money rather than cash.

Importance Of Using MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana

The importance of using MTN MoMo Pay in Ghana is the reason why you should register for MTN MoMo Pay today. Despite the easier ways you can make payment to someone using a MoMo Pay with a Merchant ID, there are numerous benefits that contribute to the importance of using MTN MoMo Pay in Ghana.

These are some of the importance of using MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana below.

  • Low transactional fees
  • More convenient to make payment
  • Helps send money faster
  • Merchants are not charged when transferring money from their MTN Mobile Money account to bank account

How To Register For MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana

To register MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana, you should pay attention to the useful information below.

  • Visit MTN Ghana office near you
  • Talk to the MTN Customer Service agent
  • Fill the MTN MoMo Pay form
  • Wait for MTN Ghana to review your application
  • MTN Ghana will review your application and register you successfully

After MTN Ghana has successfully review your MoMo Pay application form, you can now make payments using MTN MoMo Pay.

You can now start paying for goods and services using your mobile phone number in Ghana, thanks to the MTN MoMo Pay service.

How To Make Payments With MoMo Pay

This article will be a useful guide on how you can proudly make payments using your MTN MoMo Pay option.

  • Dial MTN MoMo short code, *170#
  • Choose option 2 — for MoMo Pay and pay bills
  • Select the option 1 – MoMo Pay
  • Enter your merchant ID/Payment Reference
  • Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN
  • Confirm the successful of the transaction.

What Is MTN Mobile Money Agent?

An MTN Mobile Money agent is someone with accreditation from MTN Ghana to deliver mobile money transactions to subscribers, including money transfers, cash withdrawals, bill payments, and many others. At the end of the month, all Mobile money merchants are paid a commission from MTN Ghana.

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