Hisense Tv 43 Inch Tv Price In Ghana

By | June 8, 2022

In this modern Ghana, when you need any electronic gadget, you must look no further because Hisense has you in mind in terms of your gadgets.

In this guide for today, we are looking at the price of 43 inches Hisense tv and where you can get them to buy. Hisense has been in the nation for some time now and looking forward to providing all the electronic gadgets you may need in the comfort of your home.

About Hisense

Hisense is a Chinese multinational electronics business that was created in 1969 by the Chinese government. The company began its activities by manufacturing radios for the Chinese market.

Hisense made their debut in the Ghanaian electronics industry in 2011. Since then, the firm has expanded in size and significance, with its Ghana headquarters in Accra and a number of showrooms and distributors throughout the country.

The company is still looking to make a statement in the electronic sector. It made a huge step forward in 2015 when it was granted a five-year licence to use Sharp brand televisions in the United States.

The emphasis at Hisense is on quality and innovation. The corporation has a national-level R&D centre, a post-doctoral research workstation, and a state-of-the-art multimedia technology laboratory, as well as a global R&D network with over 3000 engineers.

It has received numerous accolades and honours for its contributions to innovation, technology, design, and quality management. Hisense also has relationships in the design and commercialization of high-quality products.

Hisense is fast growing at a pace that has left the beneficiaries of the company in awe. Hisense will continue to pursue expansion in the multimedia, household appliance, mobile communications, and information technology areas while expanding its global presence.

how do I know if my Hisense TV is original?

  1. Using your TV’s original remote, press the Menu button.
  2. Navigate to the right and select Settings.
  3. Navigate downwards and select support.
  4. Select system info and then about.
  5. The TV Model number should be displayed on this page.

Why Choose Hisense

Customer Support

When it comes to making money, customers are the most important thing to keep an eye on. Customers are the sole source of a company’s growth.

Hisense’s customer care system is one of the reasons it is still people’s first pick.

Energy Efficiency

All Hisense appliances have 100% energy-saving capabilities which in turn reduces the cost of operation. significantly. 

This, therefore, inches everyone a bit closer to purchasing Hisense products.

Affordability Of Products

In comparison to other brands, Hisense goods are all quite inexpensive. Everyone in Ghana can purchase Hisense items because they are so affordable.

Ghanaians favour Hisense products above other brands for this and other reasons.

Hisense Tv 43 Inch Price In Ghana

With a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution, the 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV from Hisense costs about Ghc2,650. 

Where You Can Get To Buy Hisense Tvs

  • East Legon 
  • Achimota Retail Centre 
  • Hisense Baatsona showroom
  •  Kasoa 
  • Hisense Accra Showroom 
  • Lapaz 
  • Kumasi mall 
  • Hisense Ghana 
  • Junction mall 
  • Hisense Tema showroom 
  • Hisense Kisseman showroom 

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