How To Switch To Vodafone 4G Network In Ghana

By | June 24, 2020

Vodafone Ghana users have been asking How to switch to Vodafone 4G Network in Ghana after the upgrade from the telecommunication company — from 3G network to 4G network connection.


After the telecom company made a promise to roll out the 4G network connectivity, Vodafone Ghana switched to the 4G network in Ghana recently as means of fulfilling its promise to satisfy the needs of its customers across Ghana.

There was much support from the technical team so the company was able to fast-track the operations of the 4G services.

Despite MTN Ghana with 4G network in Ghana, Vodafone Ghana is the second to mention as the telecommunication company to introduce 4G network connectivity.

Vodafone Ghana users on 3G were all urged to switch to the 4G network service and enjoy the best call features and high-speed internet connectivity as well.

With this, you can also check if your phone and SIM card support 4G service in Ghana.

How to check if your SIM support 4G service on Vodafone

  • Dial *700# via your Vodafone SIM card and phone
  • Select the option 6, Check 4G status
  • Select the option 1; Check 4G phone and SIM readiness
  • You will then receive a prompt message with an information about your SIM card and phone.

These steps should let you know if your phone and SIM card have the support for 4G service in Ghana.

You’re free to switch to 4G network service if you receive a prompt message that indicates that your phone and SIM card are ready for 4G.

In case your SIM card does not support 4G network, then you can kindly walk to any nearby Vodafone Ghana’s office and get yourself a 4G SIM card.

There can be instances whereby you will check but only to see that, your SIM card is ready and qualified for 4G but your smartphone is not 4G supported. Then you can check on how to get 4G cheap phones in Ghana.

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