How Samsung Ruined the iFixit Upcycling Program

By | January 18, 2023

Samsung introduced or is on the verge of introducing an upcycling program that iFixit endorsed. Let us take a quick look at how Samsung ruined the iFixit upcycling program.

Upcycling simply means reusing or making the discarded or outdated object reusable again. It means the item in question will be usable again maybe not for its original purpose but for a different purpose.

Samsung announced an upcycling for its outdated Galaxy devices in 2017 when iFixit CEO Kyle was present. During the launch, a prototype of the project was inspected and tested by iFixit. It was a good program so iFixit endorsed it. However, the program didn’t take that year. It was completely ruined later.

Samsung Ruined the iFixit Upcycling

Four years after the project was launched, Samsung started upcycling. However, the upcycling Samsung started wasn’t the one iFixit endorsed.

The whole idea of the upcycling iFixit endorsed was to turn old Samsung Galaxy phones into something more advanced than a pile of plastics with glass. Old Galaxy phones including the S5 will have a new life to live in this era of high-tech devices.

Samsung is supposed to unlock the bootloader on these devices so hackers and crackers could upload custom ROMS. These will not only help upgrade the phones to meet this era’s standards but can also help owners use custom operating systems on the phone.

For years after the whole idea and prototypes were created, Samsung ruined the iFixit upcycling program. iFixit’s endorsement was not even considered when bringing about a new upcycling idea.

New Samsung upcycling program

Samsung gave a different approach to the upcycling idea and this new idea ruined everything making the upcycling not worth it.

With the new upcycling, the old Samsung Galaxy phones will be upcycled into light sensors, nanny cam, aquarium fish monitor, etc. While there are already devices out there that can do this, Samsung thought turning the once smartphone into these other devices is a good call.

This project completely failed since the old phone that Samsung’s upcycling target hit includes the Samsung Galaxy S9. Of course, the Galaxy S9 has not outlived its era yet.

As of the time of this article, it is still good enough for the smartphone market. iFixit believes that this particular upcycling program Samsung started is a failed project.

You can also check the information about this Samsung upcycling from the Samsung website.


These are some questions people are asking about the Samsung upcycling program. If you have questions that have not been answered here yet, simply leave them in the comment section and I will answer them as early as possible.

What is Galaxy upcycling?

Galaxy Upcycling simply means making old Galaxy smartphones usable again. Maybe they might not be serving the same purpose they were serving earlier but they will still be very useful after an upcycling.

What can I do with Samsung old phone?

Samsung has introduced an upcycling program that helps you repurpose your old Samsung phones. The program turns your old phone into something new and very innovative.

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