10 Samsung Settings & Features You Should Start Using Today

The 10 Samsung Settings & Features are the best recommended setting each and every new Samsung Mobile phone user should try immediately after making purchase for the latest Samsung Galaxy Phones anywhere you are.

If you are Samsung owner these are 10 features you should try right now to make your newly purchased Samsung smartphone a very useful and productive mobile phone ever — for you.

These are the top 10 Samsung Settings & Features You Should Start Using Today — as proud Samsung mobile phone user.

Bubble Notification

This allows you to open your messaging apps on top of others. For instance, if you are busy on an app like YouTube or Docs and do not want to go back and read your message by quitting the current app. This bubble notification allows you to open your message app on top of the app you are working on so that you can quacking read and reply and get back to your former app easily.

How to Set Up Bubble Notification on Samsung

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Notifications
  • Scroll down and tap Advanced settings
  • Tap on Floating Notifications
  • You’ll see three options;
    • Off to turn off bubble notification.
    • Bubble enables for all supported apps. This will include icons and taps to switch between conversation.
    • Smart pop-up view: This lets you select number of apps you want them to bubble.
  • You can also enable or disable this feature on specific messaging app by tapping on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner in your conversation >> Go to Details >> Then to Notifications >> You can enable or disable Bubble this conversation. This mostly work with google message app.

Flash Notification

Many phones come with flash notification but Samsung sends this to next level. Unlike other phones Samsung have two kinds of flash notification which are camera flash and screen flash.

The camera flash which is known by most of us will blink your phone’s rear camera flash whiles screen flash will let your screen light blink when there is new notification.

This is useful if you normally put your phone on silent, vibration or do not disturb mode, however the screen flash disables the vibration mode.

How to enable Samsung Flash Notification

  • Go to settings
  • Then to Notification
  • Tap on Advanced Settings
  • Tap on Flash Notification
  • Choose whether you want only Screen flash, Camera flash or both.

Samsung Autofill

Similar to google services autofill, Samsung autofill will be able to read what’s your screen in order to remember your personal information such as usernames, passwords, date of births etc. and fill them automatically when an app request for it.

How to Enable Samsung Autofill

  • Go to setting
  • Search for Autofill and Tap on the result (Underneath the General Management Setting)
  • Tap on Autofill Service again
  • Now you can either choose none, Google and Autofill with Samsung Pass. You can add other third-party apps also.

One-hand operation plus – Task Switcher

The task switcher enables you access a frequently used apps easily by using a screen gesture. This enables you to do some quick actions in the from the listed apps by clicking on the small three vertical dots.

How to Configure Task Switcher in Samsung one hand operation plus

  • Download One Hand Operation Plus app from either Google Playstore or Galaxy store.
  • Open the app and tap your preferred gesture you want to select for task switcher (I prefer diagonally down to main Android 10s default gesture).
  • Select Task Switcher from the list of Apps and Actions.

Keep Open

This feature allows you to cache and lock up three applications in the recently opened apps. This enables the allowed apps to load faster and save its state in the background. Clearing memory or cache doesn’t close these locked apps until it is unlocked.

How to enable Keep Open on Samsung or Lock an App

  • Swipe up from button to open recent opened apps or apps that are working on background.
  • Tap on the app icon
  • Tap on Keep open

Smart Things

This feature in Samsung enables you to automate tasks and control smart devices in your house and even put that too on automation. Samsung’s Smart Things can automatically control your smart devices like turning on or off your smart TV at a specified time, dimming or brightening your smart bulbs at a given time.

Also, you can automate some tasks on your phone like sending message to someone at a given time, etc. This is very useful and productive.

How to configure Samsung’s Smart

  • Scroll down the notification bar
  • Tap on Devices located above the settings icons
  • Smart Things home page will be opened, configure your devices and tasks by tapping on starlike icons and start configuring your device controls and assigning tasks.

Wireless Emergency Alerts

This option is not supported on all network carriers so if you don’t see it, meaning your network carrier doesn’t support it.

However, if this feature is available, I recommend you turn it on.

The Wireless Emergency Alerts enables you to receive notification of threats to life and property either being severe or extreme, presidential alerts, public safety messages, etc.

How to Enable Wireless Emergency Alerts

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Notification
  • Tap on Wireless Emergency Alerts
  • Turn on Allow Alerts and configure it the way you want.

Turn off Google Discover or Samsung Free

This feature enables you to Turn off Google Discover or Samsung Free when you scroll your homepage to extreme left.

How to Turn off Google Discover or Samsung Free

  • Go to your home screen
  • Pinch on your home screen
  • Slide to extreme left
  • At the top of the last slide, there is a toggle button to turn on or off this feature and you can choose between Google Discover and Samsung Free.

Lift to Wake

This feature automatically turns on your screen light whenever you pick up your phone. In situation like checking time or looking at the number of missed calls, you do not need to press the power button to turn on your screen light.

This is very cool if your have your face unlock configured. This unlocks your screen without pressing the power button.

Manual Camera Settings

Samsung phones come with amazing camera settings. Such as portrait effects that enables you to toggle between effects like blur, studio, high and low key mono and background which is super cool.

Check out the settings here

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