How much does it cost to move corporate offices?

By | August 19, 2019

How much does it cost to move corporate offices?

Moving corporate offices is an operation that cannot be improvised, takes time and needs to be properly planned. It is indeed essential for any company to avoid as much as possible the temporary stoppage of its activity during the time of the transfer of the company. This requires a greater organizational effort to prepare the future offices, to move all the computer equipment and to transfer the archives and files, without slowing down the work of the employees.

How much does it cost to move corporate offices?

House Removals Bromley essential to ensure a smooth transition in the new premises and also allow the company to deal with the part of human resources management and personnel. Communication is indeed the essential key internally to successfully move its officers and employees.

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Difficult to estimate the overall cost of moving a business, many factors must be taken into account such as the layout of future offices. Depending on the size of the company, the new location, the nature of the offices (head office, branch), the bill can quickly climb and it often takes several thousand or even millions of dollars for large groups! Here is an indication of the costs to be considered for the transfer of business:

  • The relocation of office positions indicative price is 100 – 200 € / item.
  • Development work (300 – 700 € / square meter).
  • Moving boxes, folders, corporate archives (100 – 250 € / employee).
  • Social costs (the cost varies by an employee and according to the new location in the UK).
  • Rent (It is very likely for the company to have to accumulate two rents for several months. For smaller companies, occupying temporary premises or co-working spaces is also a feasible alternative and at a lower cost).

Control your budget by asking for quotes from professionals moving company House Removals Chelsea. Office transfer is a very different activity in the moving market and cannot be compared to a move for individuals. For this specific case, there are moving companies specializing in business transfers that can bring you their skills and experience in this field. To control your budget, it is first and foremost essential to have a clear idea of ​​the costs to be anticipated. Request quotes from qualified movers right away via our online form and receives early estimates so that you can compare rates and services.

How much does it cost to move corporate offices?

Business transfer: where to start?

In order to prepare a business transfer, you must first start by setting the moving date, evaluating the time and the operations to be carried out. This may, of course, be a potential date and this is how to start looking for new premises and plan the steps to be taken before any move.

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So, the first step is to determine with the owner or CEO what will be the best time for a move. Usually, companies take advantage of weekends or vacation periods to relocate, to ensure continuity of work activities. The periods of the end of the fiscal year or the summer period are most often considered, because they are less busy in terms of work and activity, for example.

The moving companies like House Removals Fulham are well aware of these needs and provide fast service with minimum inconvenience for your business. If it is a small office, it is usually possible to complete all operations in one day.

How to prepare a company to move ?

In addition to the many logistical aspects, the layout and work of the new offices, the administrative procedures, etc., what are the important points to best prepare the transfer of office of these employees?

Identify internal relays In

In order to organize a business transfer, it is important to rely on these teams and to identify one or more managers to coordinate all the operations and to be in charge of distributing the work internally.

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It is these officials who are responsible later to establish, before the actual transfer, map in hand, where will be placed all the different positions. They assign in each department a responsible employee for the material and personal effects, which will also be the relay of information to the employees. The manager (s) also take care of the inventory once the new offices have been chosen. In this way, it will be easier to check that everything is transferred to each corresponding service.

Communicating internally

The human resources department is of course involved from the outset in the planning and the entire project and in order to manage the communication and the good transmission of information. They also accompany employees in this change through the steps and information to get help moving for example. Remember that all your employees are your first ambassadors but also your work capital and should be included as soon as possible in this important change.

Prepare the new organization of workspaces

It may be wise to organize a visit to these new workspaces for employees, involving them and asking them for their opinion on the configuration of their working environment for example. This is more feasible in a small business. You can also organize a dedicated time to present the new premises by video to your employees and take the time to communicate directly these important changes, which are of concern within a company.

Transferring the contracts

Finally, it is necessary to learn about the transfer of the various contracts, legal, water, of course, electricity, telephone lines, and various electronic cables, as well as the connection of workstations to the Internet, to that everything is working properly from the first day. The teams of IT services deal with overseeing this good initiation to better take control and be able to start as soon as possible the entire computer network company. This maneuver can also be delegated in part or outsourced completely to an external specialized firm.

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