How Does MTN MoMo Pay Work In Ghana

By | June 6, 2022

The MTN MoMo Pay has been very useful to many people, and I can set myself as example to this as the writer of this article. Many people are asking how the MTN MoMo pay works at all and a solid reason why they should start using this payment method in many financial transactions via mobile phone.

The MTN MoMo Pay has come to help facilitate the use of mobile phones to make payments digitally within the era of Financial Technology (FinTech).

This article from ICT Catalogue shall walk you through the full details on how the MTN MoMo Pay works in Ghana for 2022.

What Is MTN MoMo Pay?

MTN MoMo Pay is a merchant payment service that encourages customers to digitize transactions with sellers, paying for products and services through MTN Mobile Money rather than cash.

How Does MTN MoMo Pay Work In Ghana?

Before someone can receive payment from client through the MTN MoMo Pay, it’s mandatory to sign up the MoMo Pay service as merchant. In regards to how the MTN MoMo Pay works in Ghana, you as a merchant would have to register for the MTN MoMo Pay and will be given a six (6) digits ID number that you can give to MTN Mobile Money subscribers to payment through.

MTN Ghana charges transaction on MTN MoMo Pay but on a cheaper rate as compared to the normal MTN Mobile Money transactions from our mobile money wallet.

As MTN Mobile Money merchant, you are not charged any fee for receiving payment via the MTN MoMo Pay — but only the send will be paying for the transaction fee which is less.

How To Register For MTN MoMo Pay In Ghana

  • Walk to any MTN Ghana office
  • Present yourself to the customer care representative to register for MoMo Pay
  • Fill the given form
  • Submit your application form

How To Make Payments With MoMo Pay

This article will be a useful guide on how you can proudly make payments using your MTN MoMo Pay option.

  • Dial MTN MoMo short code, *170#
  • Choose option 2 — for MoMo Pay and pay bills
  • Select the option 1 – MoMo Pay
  • Enter your merchant ID/Payment Reference
  • Enter your MTN Mobile Money PIN
  • Confirm the successful of the transaction

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