Google Pixel 4a Retail Packaging And Photos Pops up

By | April 10, 2020

Google Pixel 4a Retail Packaging And Photos Pops up.

Google as a giant search engine having a lot of subsidiary products related to the company, one aspect the company seek to improve upon is the hardware aspect.

With this, we can see how the company has advanced with their hardware aspect from 2019 till date — and the Google Pixel 4 alone testifies how to company has improved on its hardware.

The next to mention today is the Google Pixel 4a that is here with confirmed photos to view.

The impending Google Pixel 4a has now leaked in retail boxes which hints at a close by launch, even though confirming several essential portions of the unit.

Firstly, the packaging follows the identical standard template that we have seen in modern years with Google Pixel retail components. Previous leaks have supplied us a glimpse of a prototype handset, billboards and advised pricing, the retail box was posted in the Pixel Group on Fb (by way of TechDroider)

Google Pixel 4A Retail Packaging Pop-ups

We get to see the upcoming black Pixel 4a, the sq. rear digital camera nodule total with LED flash and we believe will enjoy host to a 12-megapixel sensor. Those people continue to holding on the hope that we may see many lenses on the more cost-effective Pixel devices seem set to be sorely disappointed.


Preceding leaks have verified that we will see the Pixel 4a occur powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 3,080mAh battery and an FHD+ resolution show set at 60Hz. We do believe that the Pixel 4a will arrive with also arrive with a rear-mounted capacitive fingerprint scanner, but the crop on the box does not look to exhibit the round activation pad.

Regrettably, the retail box does not outright validate these preceding Pixel 4a prototype leaks but does hint that Google is managed to make the gadget regardless of COVID-19 coronavirus issues. The only downside right here is that we’re only genuinely acquiring to see the simple black product, which could possibly not whet your hunger fairly so significantly.

With IO 2020 necessary canceled, it’s unclear just how Google is preparing to start the 4a collection. Ramping up manufacturing ahead of an imminent start day is surely some thing you’d hope even without a bodily launch occasion — though there is no indicator that this is the situation as nonetheless.

Thanks for reading as we hope to follow up to bring you more confirmation about the — Google Pixel 4a soon — and also Google Pixel 4a in Ghana.

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