How To Unpin A Post On Facebook In 2022

By | April 8, 2022

Facebook has always been one of the largest social media platforms on the continent; the kind of benefit it brings to mankind is mind-blowing especially to business personalities. Creating a Facebook page today is hugely and importantly meant for businesses and companies for marketing and promoting their products.

Facebook comes with a feature that enables business personalities to pin and unpin a post. These posts are normally the important ones that remind users on their walls to take action. These pinned posts are the ones that actually appear first on the page no matter the number of posts brought in by the administrator.

If one is tired of seeing these pinned posts on their page and decides to take it off and never see it again, one command to issue is to unpin the post.

This article guide here will help to walk you through some of the steps on How TO Unpin A Post On Facebook In 2022.

How To Unpin A Post On Facebook

Unpinning a post is not difficult and one of the easiest tasks to perform on Facebook. The steps below can help one to unpin a pinned post on Facebook.

  • Firstly visit your facebook page
  • Locate your pinned page at the top of the page
  • Whether on your PC Or Mobile device, click on the three dots on the extreme right corner the post
  • Select Unpin
  • You have successfully unpin your post

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