How To Combine Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts In US 2021

By | August 14, 2021

Welcome to today’s article guide with the simple trick to combine multiple cloud storage at ease.

If you happen to be someone who is working and living with the life of cloud, and having multiple devices, you probable may also use multiple cloud-base storage devices. These cloud storages greatly facilitate our backup data. Still, the trouble of using multiple cloud services comes with it: I need to switch to a different service for file access every time, which is troublesome and time-consuming; I have a large file that needs to be backed up to cloud storage, but there is not enough space for a single service, I can only back up the files to multiple cloud drives separately.

In today’s article, I would like to teach you How To combine multiple cloud storage accounts in US easily.

Why Should You Combine Cloud Storage

If you happen to be using multiple cloud drives separately, then you should read more about why you need to combine Cloud storage in US today.

One would need to combine cloud storage in US due to the troubles caused by using multiple cloud drives and the experience used after combining these drives, there are three main reasons.

Reduce costs

You should understand the fact that, combining multiple cloud storage helps to reduce cost in the United States of America. Some of the cloud storage services, when you register for a new account, you would be given a certain amount of space such as Google Drive (15GB), OneDrive (5GB), and Dropbox (2GB). These storages will be quickly exhausted. In addition to paying for additional storage space, merging multiple clouds into one larger storage space will significantly reduce costs.

Improve performance

Anytime you have multiple cloud drives running in the background of the personal computer, this may increase the cache and put pressure on the bandwidth. After merging cloud storage, you are going to have only one platform needs to be running.

It Saves Time

Logging in to different accounts and managing multiple files of different cloud drives is a hassle, but with the help of a third-party platform that can combine cloud drives, you only need to log in once to access all files in the cloud drives. And transfer files between different services.

How to Combine Cloud Drives with cBackupper

There might be numerous cloud services out there to help you combine your cloud drives in US but I would like to recommend some which is a free cloud backup service, cBackuppper web version to help you merge cloud storage for free in the United States of America (USA).

Specific operation steps

Here, I will show how I use cBackupper to connect my cloud drives and combine storage space.
Step 1. You should create an account to sign in with cBackupper, you can go to its main page, and click Sign up at the upper right corner.

Step 2. To connect your cloud drive, just click Clouds and Add Clouds, then select one of the cloud drives you are using (here I use Google Drive as a demonstration), and click OK. After that, allocate your backup space and confirm this operation by ticking Note and clicking OK. Then add other cloud drivers in the same way, and they will form a connection on this platform.

After adding the cloud storage services, all cloud drives are now concentrated in one place, and you can make full use of the backup space composed of their free space and manage it through cBackupper.
Then, you can follow the steps below to perform a PC cloud backup between two Google Drive accounts.

Step 3. Click Tasks and Create Task subsequently.

Step 4. Click Add Source and tick Google Drive as the transfer source, then click OK.

Step 5. Click Add Destination, then select another Google Drive as the backup destination and click OK. Besides, if you are worried that your Google Drive does not have enough space, you can choose a secondary target.

Step 6. Click Schedule and select daily, weekly, monthly to automatically backup your files regularly. And you can click Settings to set other backup settings. Finally, click Start backup to start your backup task.

One recommended cloud service for combining your storage is the cBackupper.

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