Top 5 Things That Can Destroy Your Laptop You Don’t Know 2021

By | August 12, 2021

The use of Laptop computer is very important in the digital age we live today, since it is portable and can be used to access so many features.

In our today’s article, we shall discuss the five things that can destroy your laptop and you don’t know much about.

Carrying your computer by the screen

Carrying your computer by the screen can cause a major problem to its health condition you may never knew.

Don’t ever make this mistake again. By doing this you are applying too much pressure on the hinges, and rising the risk of damaging your laptop screen. Do ensure you lift your laptop by the base not the screen, for Long lasting use.

Using your laptop on a soft surface.

Using your laptop on soft surface, e.g mattress can cause overheating to your laptop, because the laptop might sink down the mattress which will not allow air to come out of the air vent.

If you really enjoy using your laptop on the bed then I suggest you should put something hard on the mattress before keeping your laptop on it.

Using your laptop without an Antivirus installed on it

Making use of your laptop without antivirus is not a wise decision as it might cause total system failure or slowing down the performance of your laptop and other related problems.

Yes I know getting a perfect antivirus with paid license could be expensive but its always a good decision to work with.

Excess charging of your laptop

You are suppose to unplug your charger whenever your laptop is fully charged. But how many of you do this? Must of us don’t. Because we want to have 100% till the moment the current goes off.

But this can shorten the life span of your laptop battery.

Make sure you unpug your charger when its 100% and fix it back only when it is below 20% for a healthy charge and longer life span of the battery.

Don’t loose/open your laptop yourself

Don’t try to open your laptop yourself no matter how small you think the problem might be. If you are not a technician don’t try to do so, because you might end up causing more problems to your laptop.

In summary, the Top 5 Things That Can Destroy Your Laptop You Don’t Know are provided above and you need to follow to save your laptop computer life.

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