Computer Training Schools In Ghana 2022

By | August 16, 2021

Computer training is one of the fastest rising forms of education in the world. There are thousands of computer training courses and institutes housing millions of computer enthusiasts across the globe.

The story is no different in Ghana. Here, the fast-growing IT industry is driving a large volume of the nation’s population into learning more about computers.

Coupled with the need to be abreast of current technological advancements, Ghanaians are continually discovering the numerous opportunities available in the IT world.

As a result of this, educational institutes and business folks who have seen the big opportunity ahead, have gone on to establish Computer Training schools across the country. Currently, there are a few hundred small and big computer training schools in Ghana.

So, as a newbie looking to develop your computing skills and brace yourself for the numerous opportunities available, where do you start from?

In this article, we shall look at the top Computer Training Schools in Ghana. The list is based on the advancement of the schools and the training they provide to their students.

Do sit back and enjoy your read.

5 – Alltech Computer Training Institute

Alltech Computer Training institute is an elite computer training school located in the heart of Adabraka in Accra. The school’s building can be found behind the GBC Bank tower at Adabraka.

Alltech provides computer training in Microsoft Office Products, Graphics Design, Data Analysis Software and Systems Engineering.

Apart from these courses, they also provide training in website development and some other special IT training programs.

Apart from their training services, they also provide direct IT and Computing services to individuals, corporate companies and establishments across the country.

You can check them out via their website: or you can send them an email via: [email protected]

For directions or other enquiries, you may call their customer care via 0265887244.

4 – Zentech College Of Technology

Zentech College of Technology is one of the biggest IT firms in Ghana with more than a decade of experience in handling various IT services.

Zentech has a wide range of training spectrums for both corporate institutions and individuals looking to upskill in the IT world.

Zentech’s training covers website development, software development, information security, hardware and software management.

You can locate them at North Kaneshie in the Tsuianna Plaza, Number 7 Oshimpa Lane.

For more information, you can contact them via 0501304161 or 0302985013. You can also send them an email via [email protected] or visit their website:

3 – Openlabs Ghana

OpenLabs Ghana was previously known as NIIT. They are one of the oldest IT training schools in the country.

 They have been around since 1999 and have provided computer training to a large number of Ghanaians.

They have offices spread across the country, in Accra, Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi, Tamale. Their courses cover a wide range of topics including Graphics Design, Robotics, Microsoft Office Suite, Hardware and Networking, Cybersecurity, Software Development, Web design, Data Analytics and Animation.

These courses are largely grouped into three categories – Certificate courses, Diploma courses and University Track Programs.

You can locate their main office at Ring Road, opposite BusyInternet. For more information on their courses, fees and other details, call them on 0540124191 or 0556587130. You can also send them an email via [email protected] or visit their website:

2 – Nobline Technology College

Nobline Technology College is an industry-leading institute in the Ghanaian tech space. They are an Accra-based computer training school aimed at grooming the teeming youth of Ghana in the fields of IT and Business.

They house a large group of experienced and qualified IT and Business professionals who provide practical and skills-based training to all their students.

Whether you’re a corporate worker, a student or a graduate, Nobline Technology College has special training packages just for you.

Their courses include Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, mobile app development, business finance, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Human Resources Management, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Web development and many others.

They provide both physical and virtual training options for their students.

You can locate Nobline Technology College at Ashongman, next to the Ashongman Community Hospital in Accra.

For enquiries, you can call them via 0553328757 or 0202510856. You can also visit their website:

1 – IPMC Computer School

IPMC touts itself as the biggest and oldest Computer Training school in Ghan and the whole of West Africa.

The school was established in 1992 and has since gone on to train over 2 million students in various IT skills. IPMC is largely responsible for the success of many IT professionals in Ghana so far.

Their programs are divided into two main categories. The career dome programs are geared towards acquiring career skills and the Certificate Programs which are short courses for people looking to upskill or start their businesses.

The IPMC however trains students in Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Software Engineering, Website Design and Development, Microsoft Office Suite, Animation and Data Analysis.

You can locate their office at the Kwame Nkrumah Avenue in Accra North. For more information, call them on 0555552222 or send them an email via [email protected]. You can also visit their website:


With the influx of many computer training institutes in Ghana, coupled with the high demand for IT Schools, it becomes very difficult to get the best schools.

However, in this article, we discussed the top 5 Computer Training schools in Ghana, based on the courses they provide and the value they offer their students.

Hopefully, this article helps you in locating the right IT and Computer Training school in Ghana for your needs in 2021.

If you know of any other computer training schools which should have made this list, please do let us know. We’ll love to read from you.

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