Infinix Or Tecno: Which Mobile Brand Produces The Best Phones?

I am very sure you will have to decide between Infinix Or Tecno: Which Mobile Brand Produces The Best Phones in the mobile market.

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If I am to be asked to choose between Infinix Mobile or Tecno Mobile, as which brand produces the best phones in my country Ghana, I will be confuse and won’t know which mobile brand to go for.

You may go for Infinix Mobile, that is your choice based on the features and specs you enjoy using their latest Infinix mobile phones such as Infinix Hot 9, Infinix Note 7, Infinix Hot 9 Play etc. And if you are to go for Tecno Mobile, then it might be that the latest Tecno phones like; Tecno Camon 15, Camon 15 Pro, Tecno Spark 5, Spark 5 Pro have attracted you and you will love to use and check out any of their specs.

The love for smartphones in Ghana is not only based on Samsung, Motorola, Itel, Nokia and Huawei phones anymore, after Tecno and Infinix have built a solid fan-base in Africa –coming out with interesting smartphones for the average Ghanaian smartphone lovers.

With great quad-core cameras, great specs, very cheap prices and durable batteries from these mobile phone brands, these have made the mobile phone brands gain recognition across Africa.

If we are to choose between Infinix and Tecno phone in Ghana, there have been a lot of debate about the brand that produces the best phones with the best specifications and features we want to see in a smartphone.

The mobile phone brands, Infinix and Tecno have been noted as the top mobile phone manufactures in West Africa.

Android phones from Infinix and Tecno have similarities in terms of phone specifications, design and price but there are always great features that their customers love about them. In terms of why a smartphone lover may choose one particular phone over the other, mobile phone customers recommend Infinix for production of long-lasting battery while others recommend Tecno mobile phones for the sleek and premium designs form the mobile company.

Infinix Mobile

Infinix has produced a lot of smartphones across Africa and made a lot of sales from that. The smartphone brand has engaged a lot of popular celebrities that have helped the mobile company to generate much sales after launching or unveiling any latest smartphone. Some celebrities like; Wizkid, Shatta Wale, Davido and the rest all helped to build a solid fan-base for the mobile company which brought a lot of sales to the company.

Key Features Of Infinix Devices

  • Big Battery

It’s very interesting to see how most of the infinix phones come with big batter capacity which makes Infinix smartphone lovers love phones from the brand. Infinix in recent times has not been producing phones with batteries less than 4000mAh.

  • Big RAM

RAM is one of the factor which interesting smartphone lovers will choose for a specific mobile phone. Infinix phones come with moderate RAM size from 2GB above.

  • Wide Screen Resolution

Be it playing games, watching movies on Netflix account or watching DStv on your mobile phone, then Infinix phones are the best you can opt for, with big screen feature to satisfy your desire for big screen in a smartphone.

Tecno Mobile

Tecno Mobile as established in 2016, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer is based in Hong Kong.

Tecno Mobile is one recognized mobile phone brand that has dominated over the smartphone industry of Africa. From some popular countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania etc, are all some of the popular countries in Africa Tecno Mobile phones are used regularly at.

Key features of Tecno Devices

  • Camera

There’s no doubt so far that Tecno phones have the best camera that seem not to disappoint interesting smartphone lovers.

Specifically, Tecno mobile has model that is known as “Camon Series”. The Tecno Camon series have a well built camera technology that are best for selfies, snaps audio-visuals and more.

  • Good Display

With expectation of a brighter screen on your mobile phones, see where no more as Tecno has big screens for playing games and watching movies.

  • Premium Design

In terms of premium designs, Tecno Devices are known for having a sleek and premium design despite their low price tag. They always come in beautiful and vibrant colors which is why most ladies prefer Tecno phones.

Though a lot of users will be switching from using iOS and windows smartphones, but knowing which kind mobile brand to go for can be the best way to find your desire phone to be used.

This is the content on Infinix Or Tecno: Which Mobile Brand Produces The Best Phones in Ghana for you. Choose wisely on the type of mobile phone you want from these brand based on the specifications above.

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