Avoiding Disaster: Importance of SharePoint Backup and Recovery

By | June 19, 2023

Here is everything you will need to know about Avoiding Disaster: Importance of SharePoint Backup and Recovery in your computing world.

In this digital era, many companies and other organizations rely on good data to a great extent. The information management systems that they rely on for enhanced collaboration and smooth operations are critical. This is made possible by the use of various tools including SharePoint.

SharePoint is a widely-used platform from Microsoft that has emerged as the go-to option for document sharing, content management, and collaboration among team members working on common projects in an organization. Thanks to its wide array of advanced features as well as strong capabilities, SharePoint has revolutionized the way organizations store and share data.

The need for SharePoint backup and recovery

While SharePoint is such a powerful and useful resource, it puts some important obligations on its users to set up robust data backup and recovery procedures for the platform. This is necessary to avoid potential disaster. As it is, SharePoint acts as a central repository for crucial organizational data such as presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and other vital files. In addition, it hosts custom workflows, applications, and configurations, for daily operations If any of this data is lost, the organization could face disruptions in its operations and possible legal and compliance issues.

Below are some of the main reasons for having SharePoint backup and recovery:

To protect against data loss

Several things can result in the loss of SharePoint data. Some of these include:

·   Hardware failures

·   Accidental deletion

·   Malicious attacks

·   Natural disasters

Fortunately, with a data backup and recovery system installed, organizations can easily restore their data within a short time, and get back to a previous position cutting on downtime. Thus, regular data backups prevent permanent data loss giving a safety net to recover from unforeseen events.

To safeguard intellectual property and knowledge wealth

SharePoint is a crucial central repository for valuable proprietary information, intellectual property, and knowledge accumulated over time. If such data is compromised or lost, the business can suffer irreparable financial losses, lose its competitive advantage or even collapse completely.

The good news is that regular SharePoint backup can assist to safeguard these intellectual assets through the creation of several copies of the data. This is because organizations can recover multiple copies can in the event of natural disasters, accidental deletion, malicious attacks, and so on.

To ensure compliance and meet legal requirements

Many companies operate in industries that are required to conform to strict regulations as far as data storage and retention are concerned. When an organization has solutions for SharePoint backup and recovery in place, it can help it to comply with its industry’s requirements. The solutions offer a secure and auditable backup process. Should there be a legal dispute or audit query, a robust backup can prove compliance and help the organization avoid penalties and irreparable reputational damages.

To facilitate smooth migrations and system upgrades

It is common for organizations to migrate their SharePoint platforms to newer versions, or do system upgrades. When there is a reliable SharePoint backup in place, the migration and upgrade are significantly simplified because it allows the organization to have the option to revert to a stable state in case any issues come up. Thus, having a good backup and recovery solution in place offers a safety net to reverse changes and make it possible to transition smoothly with no disruptions to business continuity.

To ensure business continuity and recovery from tragedies

As SharePoint has a central role in running organizations’ processes, even a slight disruption could significantly affect the operations. With backup and recovery solutions in place, businesses are guaranteed continuity despite any disasters such as cyber-attacks, server failures, and other issues. The solutions lessen any negative impact on productivity and customer service or experience.


SharePoint backup and recovery solutions are crucial to protect the loss of an organization’s vital data, safeguard intellectual properties, ensure compliance with industry requirements, facilitate migrations and system upgrades, and ensure business continuity.

Avoiding Disaster: Importance of SharePoint Backup and Recovery

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