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How to Record Your Computer Screen with Microsoft PowerPoint

Screen recording is very vital when it comes to presentations. Learn how to record your computer screen with Microsoft PowerPoint. Screen recording has become an essential feature for many individuals, whether it be for educational, instructional, or entertainment purposes. Recording your screen allows you to have a video presentation of what exactly you want to… Read More »

HP Core i5 Laptop Price in Ghana

Do you want to buy an HP laptop? Follow through this post while I walk you through the HP Core i5 laptop price in Ghana currently. HP is one of the top brands when you are buying a laptop. Most people love it for its unique laptop designs as well as the availability of support… Read More »

How to Open a Spreadsheet Without Microsoft Excel

Sometimes you might have to open a spreadsheet without Microsoft Excel. Of course, there is about way to work on spreadsheet files without Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel has been the most popular tool for opening spreadsheet files. It is so popular that most people think Spreadsheet means Microsoft Excel. Difference between spreadsheet and Microsoft Excel… Read More »

Best Podcast Service Providers You Should Know

Do you still love Podcasts? I still do so join me and let us explore some of the best Podcast service providers out there together. Listening to podcasts has been one of the amazing things that I found out at a very early age. The fact that you get to be heard by a lot… Read More »

Latest Tecno Smartphones Under GHS 500 in Ghana

Do you want a smartphone under budget? Check out the latest Tecno smartphones under GHS 500 in Ghana currently. These are the latest but cheap Tecno phones you can get under budget. In recent times, Tecno has become a household name in Ghana’s smartphone market. The brand has earned its reputation by providing top-quality smartphones… Read More »

How to Obtain a Gaming License (Sports Betting) in Ghana

Sports Betting has become a lucrative business. But do you know how to obtain a gaming license in Ghana if you want to run your own gaming company? If you are looking to start a sports betting business in Ghana, it is important to obtain a gaming license before you begin. However, obtaining a gaming… Read More »

How To Control Who Can Add You To Groups On Whatsapp

Being added to random WhatsApp groups can be very annoying. Do you want to know how to control who can add you to groups on WhatsApp? In this article, I will help you with the easiest procedure possible to do that. WhatsApp is a very interesting and perfect platform for both individuals and businesses. Even… Read More »

Top 5 Best Computer Networking Companies In Ghana

Having one of the best network solutions is essential to running a successful business. Here are the top computer networking companies in Ghana that will help you achieve that. Having a proper network system at your business place means your business will go on quickly and smoothly. It also means you require the service of… Read More »