HP Core i5 Laptop Price in Ghana

Do you want to buy an HP laptop? Follow through this post while I walk you through the HP Core i5 laptop price in Ghana currently.

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HP is one of the top brands when you are buying a laptop. Most people love it for its unique laptop designs as well as the availability of support when needed.

HP has a range of laptops for all kinds of purposes. If you want an HP Gaming Laptop, there is one for you. If you want one to use at home or the office, there is definitely one for you too. There is even an HP laptop that you can use as a gaming laptop or a regular office laptop.

No matter what you would like to use your laptop for, the cost of purchasing one is one of the things you must take a careful look at. In this article, we will be looking at HP Core i5 laptop prices in Ghana as well as where you can purchase one.

HP Core i5 Laptop Price in Ghana

The fact that HP Core i5 laptops come in different prices makes it very difficult to pinpoint how much you must buy them. There are different models of HP Core i5 laptops so you can’t mention a fixed price for them. However, we could take a look at some of them and their pricing.

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A brand new HP core i5 laptop in Ghana ranges between GHS 4,000 to GHS 12,000. ICT Catalogue published a full list of HP i5 Laptops with their prices in Ghana. You can also check that if you want to know the individual prices of the laptops.

Factors affecting laptop prices in Ghana

There are many factors that influence the prices of laptops. Below is a list of factors that affects laptop prices in Ghana.

  • Where you purchase yours
    Where you are purchasing your own laptop is a factor that affects the price. There are some shops that sell more expensive goods than others. It completely depends on where exactly you are buying yours and how much it is sold over there.
  • Specifications
    Each laptop has its own specifications. There might be several HP Core i5 laptops in Ghana but they all come with their own specifications. Depending on the specification of the laptop, the price might be way up or way down. This is another factor that facts laptop prices.
  • Mode of purchase and payment
    There are many ways we purchase our gadgets these days. We do walk-in purchases sometimes as well as online purchases. Most of the time, online purchases come with extra charges due to the electronic payment method used. Some also come with an extra charge for delivery. All these influence the prices of the laptop.
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These are just some of the factors that influence the laptop prices. There are many factors that also make laptops so expensive in Ghana.

Where to buy HP Core i5 laptops

There are many shops across the country where you can purchase a laptop. Some have both online shops and physical locations. Some are also fully online. No matter which option you would like to use, check below –there is definitely something for you.


CompuGhana is one of the most trusted sources when it comes to electronic gadgets. There is a range of HP laptops available in the CompuGhana shops. You can check them out from the official CompuGhana website.

CompuGhana has a shop in almost every shopping mall around the country. You can also visit any of their showrooms to check their laptops out.

Jumia Ghana

Jumia Ghana is the number one online shopping mall in Ghana. There is a range of HP laptops on Jumia too. You can check them out.

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They might be quite expensive compared to the ones in the physical shops. Always make sure you look out for reviews from other buyers when purchasing something on Jumia. You can find these laptops on the official Jumia Ghana website.


If you want to buy an HP i5 laptop, you should always compare prices from different shops so you can have some of the best deals. HP Core i5 laptops come in different models with different specifications. This makes them come at different prices.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can always leave a comment and I will reply as early as possible.

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