Appeal For Set Of Computers For The Pupils Of Kpedze Awlime B RC Primary School

By | January 27, 2022

Dear MTN Ghana,
I come to your office for the first time after a long year of being a loyal customer. I appreciate many services that I have and continue to enjoy from your outfit as one of the best and biggest telecommunications company in Ghana.

My birthday comes in 4 days time and as usual my airtime and data is well assured to be credited to my line as my gift, fantastic. However, this year I would want to be like the famous Oliver Twist who always asks for more.

The photos attached to this post shows a recently constructed 6-unit classroom for the pupils of Kpedze Awlime B RC primary school in the Ho-West district of the Volta Region. Fortunately this school was where I began my academic journey hence it’s so dear to the core of my heart.

Upon one of my routine visits to the school which I do during my free times, the headmaster had appealed and charged me to do everything possible enough to help them get the empty lab installed with sets of computers to help catalyze the technological skills among the young pupil at the basic level.

I was so touched by this appeal from the headmaster, so, I took these photos sent them to some of my colleagues and tasked them to also propagate the news wherever possible.
Then I thought it wise to also humbly knock at your door for assistance since the pupils are in dire needs of the computers because the school had never had any lab for practical lessons in terms ICT since it’s establishment some 40years ago, notwithstanding, the school’s academic performance over the years has been on the increase not only in the Kpedze community but the district, according to the headmaster.

Therefore I humbly plead for assistance from your outfit to furnish this empty room with set of computers in order to facilitate the teaching and learning of ICT in my alma mat-a.
I hope and trust this appeal finds comfort with you. Any feedback is highly anticipated.

Thank you.
Your cherished customer,
Kwame JohnBosco Snr
[email protected]

One thought on “Appeal For Set Of Computers For The Pupils Of Kpedze Awlime B RC Primary School

  1. JohnBosco Akortia

    Amazing. Eiiii I am really short of words. All I can say thank you so much for this unconditional gesture


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