How To Access And Check Your E-Payslip Online in Ghana

By | January 26, 2021

This is today’s post on How to Access And Check Your E-Payslip Online in Ghana at ease.

Many have wondered just how to use an epayslip. There are varieties of uses for epayslip in Ghana. You can use your epayslip for all that you used to use the hardcopy for — as a Government worker in Ghana.

If you still not understand the benefit or why there should be an electronic portal for accessing and checking GoG payslip online, then this article gives you more. The epayslip works just as your payslip physical paper, just that this time around, there will not be anyone to bring it (GoG Payslip) from Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD).

In our previous article post, we published about how to register for E-Payslip in Ghana easily, stating all the procedure you may need to follow and get your e-payslip registered online.

How To Access And Login To Your GoG Payslip Online

After you are done with the registration for your payslip online in Ghana, the next thing you need to do — is by accessing the payslip platform and check your payslip online. Follow the guide below.

  1. Visit, via your device
  2. login with your credentials
  3. Enter your Employee Number
  4. Enter Password and the Characters shown to you at the login page
  5. Now, click on the Sign in button
  6. Once your details are correct, you will be redirected to your GoG Payslip Dashboard

How To Check Your Monthly PaySlip Online

After accessing your e-payslip online, you can now learn how to check for your payslip online.

  • Click on My Payslip on the GoG payslip portal
  • Select the month you wish to check
  • Select the Year
  • Click on Generate
  • Open the file in a PDF format online
  • Save to your device or print this GoG Payslip out.

You can also check out our next full guide on how to download and print your GoG e-payslip easily.

What have been the benefits of the E-Payslip platform?

The e-payslip web portal has several advantages for public sector workers and these are;

  • It is a better method of preserving your payslips. It has come to help in solving the problems of losing payslips as the payslip forms may get lost but your e payslip will always be available to you.
  • It is more secure. Only you can access your account using your personal password and login details.
  • E-Payslips mobile features make it is easily accessible to you at any time provided you have a device that has internet connectivity. You check payslips easily and conveniently.

After that, you can either save or learn how to download and print your e-payslip here.

All Questions Answered About How to check Your Payslip Online in Ghana

These are all your frequently asked questions answered about How To Check Your GoG E-payslip in Ghana.

How to check e payslip?

You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with internet connection. If you are a new user, kindly register by clicking on REGISTER FOR E-PAYSLIP. You will need a first-time registration code, which can be obtained from your Head of Department. Visit the login page here: GoG Payslip

How to check your payslip online in Ghana

Complete information about the GoGPayslip Login Ghana. Check out the step by step process to easily access your payslip online HERE.

check your payslip online

After obtaining your registration code, register for your e-payslip on the portal, you can login to check your payslip online at ease. Simply visit the portal, and enter your credentials (username/Staff ID and password)

check my e payslip in Ghana

After successful login to your GoG payslip portal, you should click on My Payslip from your dashboard, select the month you want to view its payslip and click to save or print online.

how Do I check my payslip online

Visit and follow the instructions thereafter to login for your e-payslip.

E-payslip Checking Portal in Ghana

The only e-payslip checking portal in Ghana is the —

What is the GoG e-payslip login page?

The e-payslip login page is the URL here:

This is all I have for you — but you can also learn how to register for your E-Payslip from the web portal if you do not have login to GoG e-payslip.

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