How To Register Your GoG E-Payslip Online In Ghana

By | January 22, 2021

In our today’s guide about how to register your e-payslip online in Ghana, we have everything you may need to know, being covered in this article from ICT Catalogue as a tech blog in Ghana.

E-Payslip registration can now be done using the simple to follow guides online via your smartphone or computer with an internet connection.

If you happen to receive your monthly salary under the Controller & Accountant General’s Departments, then you are mandated to using pay slip — and you need to know how to register your payslip online in Ghana.

What Is A Salary Pay Slip?

An employee salary slip is a document which an employee receives from their employer each and every month. This slip has everything you may need to know about the deductions throughout the month and the income in total.

What Is E-Payslip In Ghana

The E-Payslip system is a database developed online by the Controller & Accountant General’s Departments for you to have easy access to your payslip online.

Why You Should Go For Your E-payslip in Ghana?

The Government of Ghana electronic payslip comes with a variety of advantages over the old hard copy payslips. Some of these advantages are;

  • Easy, faster and improved access to pay information: The GoG payslip helps public sector workers to access all the information about their salary history over the internet — using an electronic device. With this, you can use your mobile phone, desktop computer or laptop with an internet connection to access and check your payslip.
  • You can view previous payslips: The GoG payslip portal for government workers is developed for public sector workers to be able to check their previous payslips as well. The Controller and Accountant General allows you to access and print your most recent payslip online in Ghana and all previous slips.
  • Secured: With the e-payslip from the GoG payslip online portal, there is a security guaranteed much more than a printed payslip. You have your user name and password that can only be used by you — to login, access, check and print your payslip online.

With the help of technology and internet connectivity as well, you can always access your payslip anywhere you are with your mobile phone or computer easily.

Requirements for Registration of epayslip in Ghana

  • employee number
  • registration code; provided by your management unit head. We shall provide you with a full guide on how to generate your registration yourself for GoG Payslip online registration.
  • a valid email address
  • an active phone number

In our today’s guide, I will like to walk you through how you can register for your payslip online — without any stress.

How to register for your e-payslip online today

This is how to register for epayslip in Ghana, registration and how to activate your payslip online in Ghana with the simple to follow process.

  1. Firstly visit the Government of Ghana payslip website,
  2. As a first time user, it is required that you register before you login
  3. Scroll down and click on the Registration Button, Register For E-Payslip
  4. You will be asked to input some relevant information for the registration
  5. Enter your employee number; this is a six (6) digit number
  6. Confirm Your Employee number
  7. Create Your Password
  8. Confirm your password
  9. Enter your Registration code
  10. Enter e-mail address (optional)
  11. Enter mobile phone number
  12. Enter confirmation code show
How To Register Your GoG E-Payslip Online In Ghana

After entering all these details, you are now good to go by clicking on the Register Button to finish the registration process

After successful registration for your e-payslip in Ghana, you are now good to log into your payslip dashboard online to check your monthly income.

You are now done with how to register for your e-payslip online in Ghana at ease.

Despite registering for your epayslip with the online registration portal, you can also do a lot of stuffs with the online portal. Some of these things you can do are; check and print your monthly payslips, check supplementary payslips, Report wrongful, unauthorized and over deductions, view your SSNIT contributions report, Tax deductions report and a whole lot you can make use of the platform for.

Important Facts About E-Payslip You Should Know

  • Access: A public sector worker only need an internet connection to view his or her e-payslip. You can save this checked epayslip unto your computer, mobile phone or pen drive to view later in PDF format.
  • Availability: The E-Payslip is always available the moment you are logged-in. Your salary report will be processed and loaded for you to check from the GoG Payslip portal.
  • Print or Copy PDF: The E-Payslip checked from GoG portal can be printed or copied unto your phone or computer for viewing with any PDF file viewer. If you wish to print your E-payslip checked, you can simply select the print icon from the PDF file and select the default printer to issue command.

All Questions Answered About How To Register For Your Payslip Online in Ghana

How Do I Get My Registration Code To Register For Epayslip?

For anything about registration code for your GoG payslip registration online, you should contact your head of management of your current working unit.

How Do I Register My Payslip Online

You can register for your payslip online in Ghana by following the steps given above here.

How To Register For Salary Payslip Online in Ghana

You can visit the web portal and enter your Epayslip Ghana registration code from your head of management. Follow the best guide here about how to register for payslip online.

Kindly check for our other articles about how to access and check your E-payslip online in Ghana using your mobile phone.

Epayslip: How it works, how to activate and get Gogpayslip registration code is all we have for you in today’s article.

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