The Digital Dilemma For Business Owners Is What To DIY

By | January 28, 2020

The Digital Dilemma For Business Owners Is What To DIY.

Running a business is not something you can do on your own. As a small business owner, you have your expertise, and if technology isn’t on this list, there are some tasks that are best left to those with a degree in information technology. But there is also plenty that you can tackle with a bit of research. The trick is to figure out which aspects of your business fall into each category.

Things You Should Never Do

Something you can’t afford to gamble with is your customers’ information. And if you maintain PCI compliance standards, you won’t. PCI compliance is a set of rules businesses that conduct credit card transactions have to abide by. Just a few of these are to restrict data access, use updated hardware, and perform regular scanning and testing for digital security vulnerabilities. That’s a very scaled-down definition, and it would take pages upon pages to fully define the scope of compliance. Instead of trying to handle this on your own, consider hiring an IT security specialist to keep your most valuable assets safe.

Another area that deserves specialized skills is your website. Avoid the temptation to cheap out on your online marketing with a drag-and-drop template. These are not dynamic and engaging, and they offer very little room for customization. Do yourself a favor and find a web developer — preferably one that specializes in JavaScript. JavaScript developers who understand all the back-facing technologies, and who know the ins and outs of HTML and CSS, can help take your business where you want to go. A great developer won’t come cheap but will offer a great return on your investment. Remember, a website that makes your customers happy, which means they can access it from their computer or phone, is a website they’ll return to.

Put on Your IT Hat

If you really want to save money, there are some tech tasks that you can handle without a professional at your beck and call. Installing a computer program, for example, isn’t anywhere near as intimidating as it sounds. You can easily find step-by-step tutorials, but for most software titles, it’s a matter of putting in a disc and following the on-screen directions. Once your software is installed, take things a step further by connecting your computers. If your office is at home, you can accomplish a simple network using an ethernet or a USB connection.

Your mobile technology is also fairly easy to acquire without a consultant. Your smartphone can help you update your website once your designer gets it up and running, and if you choose the right one, it will keep you connected to your customers without interruption. Pick a trustworthy and highly rated model like the iPhone XS Max, Google Pixel 4, or Samsung Galaxy S10+. Look to your wireless provider for savings on a new phone. If you trade in your old phone and/or sign up for a new plan, you may be able to save hundreds on a new model.

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When it comes to your business, there are plenty of things that you can do. But it is smart to know what you can’t — and should not. Legal compliance isn’t something you should Google for answers, and your website should never be an amateur endeavor. However, things like choosing your phone and installing software on your devices are tasks you can tackle.

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