How to Add Apps to Secure Folder

Do you want to learn how to add apps to Secure Folder on Galaxy devices? In this article, I will show you how to completely add apps to Secure Folder without any problems.


To get started, I have included in this article, how to create and log in to a Samsung account, create a new Secure Folder, and how to add apps to the Secure Folder. Kindly follow the details below.

How to Create a Samsung Account

Here are the steps to creating a Samsung account from Samsung mobile:

  • Run “Settings” from your app’s screen and select the “Accounts and backup” option.
  • Now click on “Manage accounts”.
  • At the Manage Account screen, click on the “Add account” option.
  • Choose the option that you want, and accept the Terms and Conditions Agreement by checking the consent icon.
  • Enter your personal information and click on the “Create account” button.
  • You will have to set up the Two-step verification, so you must register your phone number. When you enter it, tap the “Ok” button.
  • The last step is validating your email. Click on the “Go to inbox” option and validate it.

That is how easy to create a Samsung Account from a Samsung mobile. If you followed the steps, you should have a new Samsung account created. Congrats!

How to Create Your Own Secure Folder

Below are the steps to create your own Secure Folder:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on “Biometrics and security”.
  2. Tap “Secure Folder”.
  3. Tap “Continue” and sign into your Samsung Account or create one.
  4. Read all the permissions that Secure Folder requires. If you agree, tap “Continue“.
  5. Choose the lock type that you want to use and tap on it. You can select between “Pattern”, “PIN” or “Password”. You can also activate the “Fingerprints” option.
  6. Set the pattern and tap “Continue”. Do this process twice.
  7. You can also set a new lock type by turning on the “Reset with Samsung account” toggle button.
  8. A shortcut to “Secure Folder” will be added to your Apps screen.

That is it! You are finally done creating your own Secure Folder. Now enjoy using the Secure Folder by adding apps. Get details below.

How to Add Apps to Secure Folder

  • Open your Secure Folder and click on the plus icon.
  • Next, click on the app you want to add and press “Add”.
  • The app will appear in your Secure Folder.

In conclusion, these are the steps on how to add apps to Secure Folder. You may want to learn more about how to create your own Secure Folder on a Samsung Galaxy device.

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