Top 10 Richest Car Companies In The World

There are many richest car companies in the world, but the major ones we know are the Top 10 Richest Car Companies In The World today.

As part of living the luxurious way in your life, cars are some of the gadgets needed to accomplish your living anywhere you are around globe.

I believe you are wondering if there could be companies that produce better cars in the world — that meet the demands of wealth personalities in the world. There are a lot of companies that produce cars you would need to save for almost a decade before you can their cars.

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These are the top 10 richest car companies in the world today. You always have to bear in mind that you need to save more dollars before you can buy any of their expensive cars — anywhere you are.

Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company is a South Korean company, and it is one of the most popular brands worldwide. They found this company in the year 1967 and the company has built its Goodwill for the quality of their cars and the affordable prices they have.

Hyundai company made a sales revenue of 87 million dollars last in 2019 whiles having a value of 25 billion dollars. Hyundai was seen of how it made a lot of progress throughout the year 2020.

Ferrari NV

Ferrari NV is an amazing Italian car maker overtook the demand and like Nissan and the Fiat and took its position from the top 10 richest car companies in the world. This is the only company which is depending strictly on the Low Volume-High Price Business model. The value of Ferrai NV as at 2020 is $29.

Ford Motor

In the year 2008, the total revenue generated by Ford Motor manufacturing company was 148 billion dollars. In fact, as for per research, the gross sales of Ford in the same year was 37 times greater than Ferrari. This is an American company, and it gave tough competition to renowned Brands such as Ferrari.

The profit margin of this company is of 1.4 percent. The value of Ford Motor Company is 36 billion dollars.


Tesla with their up and downs are the electric car manufacturer in the United States. They surely handled some losses, but it’s still been in the list of the richest car companies in the world.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is a brilliant and bold personality. He has already proven erratic and unreliable. Despite all of this, the production of the car of this company still trades largely, and it shares trade 56 times than expected forward income.

Tesla is now the world’s most valuable car company with a valuation of 208 billion U.S dollars.


BMW was founded in the year 1916 and in the city of Munich in Germany. This company never fails to capture its position in the list of the richest car companies in the world. The company generated the annual value of $107 in 2019 and the price sales ratio was just 0.4. The value of the BMW company is is 42 billion.

Honda Motors

Honda is a Japan-based company, which is very popular worldwide. Prior a few years ago this company’s market cap stood at 61 billion dollars. The company had to shed more than 1 billion dollars per month in terms of market value.

Despite spending so much, this company still reserves its position in the list of the top 10 richest car companies in the world, with a value 42 billion.

Daimler AG

Daimler AG is more popularly known as Mercedes-Benz. This is a German multinational automotive company. The production output of this company is 3.34 million. The CEO of Daimler AG is Ola Kallenius, and the revenue generated by this company until last year 2019 was around 17 thousand two hundred and seventy-four point five. The value of Daimler AG otherwise known as BMW is 49 billion dollars.

General Motors Company

General Motors Company is an American multinational automobile company. The stock price of this company is the 31.79 dollars. The production output of this company is 7,718000 vehicles until the year 2019. This company was founded by William C Durant and Charles Stewart Mott. The value of this company is fifty-two billion dollars.

Nine Volkswagen AG

Nine Volkswagen AG is a german-based company and was found by The German Labor Front. The production output of this company is 110,823,000 with a value of is13,346 billion euros.

The company can be seen with more produced cars such as; Polo, Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Jetta etc.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Ten Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational company of automobiles. This is one of the most popular companies in the world in terms of cars. This company is considered the 10th largest company in the world in terms of revenues. This company was founded by Kiichiro Toyota. The value of this company is 211 billion dollars.

Satisfied by the list of Top 10 Richest Car Companies In The World yet or not?

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